Exhibition on Display: January 18th – March 12th 2022 

Virtual Opening Reception: January 27th, 2022, from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm 

On Tuesday, January 18th the walls of Alfa Art gallery will be gracefully displaying the group photography exhibition “Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind.” This exhibition features an oeuvre of works of artist living and working in the tri- state area of New Jersey. 

“Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind” is a fantastic photography exhibition that explores the world around us in a diverse and unified way. The three-month-long collection gives form to fine art photographers that have unique perspectives and approaches to the medium of photography.  Alfa Art Gallery encourages visitors to investigate the powerful visual stories bestowed within our facility. “Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind” will showcase talented artists like Lee Day, who brings his viewers into the complexity of technological advancement, and Linda Sandow’s exploration of the portals of the world. Each artist in this exhibition shows techniques of abstract expressionism and traditional process such as Cyanotype.  

“Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind” will be documented as one of many countless successes of Alfa’s New Brunswick Art Salon (NBAS) program since 2010.  Alfa Art Gallery invites you to join us for another eye-opening exhibition. “Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind” can be viewed from Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm at Alfa Art Gallery. 

NBAS: “Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind,” NBAS Photography Virtual Exhibition

“Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind,” Virtual Opening Reception

Gallery Opening Receptions:

Considering our new norms as a country, the in-person opening reception is a VIP and invitation-only event which efficiently limits the capacity for the gallery. However, Alfa Art Gallery will be holding a virtual opening reception which is an open event. The links to this opening can be found on Alfa Art Gallery’s Website and all social media closer to exhibition opening.  

Alfa’s staff and interns are working to keep all visitors safe and healthy and have implemented safety measures along with the CDC guidelines. These include wearing face masks indoors, maintaining limited capacity, and providing a clean and safe environment.  

Featured Artists:

TANK 754

Alan Chimacoff is an award-winning Princeton, New Jersey based fine art photographer and architect whose aesthetic practice is defined by his interest in cities and urban life, as well as his fascination with visually exploring the effects of time and climate on materials. His work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions across America and is a part of multiple permanent collections including the Maclean House at Princeton University and the Cornell University collection.  Through his photography, Chimacoff seeks to “heighten a viewer’s awareness of both the mundane and the unusual” through experimenting with capturing both real and illusory space in his abstract and closely cropped photographs. In his photographs, Chimacoff captures both ambiguous and explicitly defined geometric forms in which he “(confounds) the obvious in a push toward the non-objective.”


Alyssa Rose is an emerging editorial, fine art photographer. Alyssa developed her interest in photography and videography at the age of 9.  Rose has worked with famous brands and artists such as H&M, Lil Nas X, Flo Rida, and The Chainsmokers; the opportunity to work with these individuals has allowed her to find her passion in the work of photography and film. She states, “my work has strong roots in the fashion world. Fashion photography allows me to directly observe my subjects based on someone’s personality and see a deeper story behind my model’s beauty.” Alyssa is fascinated by the unexplained she hopes to capture moments that allow her viewers to look outside themselves. 


Bob Leonard is a New York-based Fine Art Photographer; he starts every project with deep thought and intention to reflect the rawness of the human civilization to his viewers. Leonard’s works have been noted by his style of documentary photography and candid photos of the bustling civilians of New York City. In recent years he has been encompassed with an eccentric abstract style that is quite rare to the world of photography. “I scavenge my environment with an eye for shapes and color,” Leonard said, “then alter these images into something unrecognizable.”

Rose River

Danielle Austen believes that art is everywhere, just waiting to be revealed. In taking this approach to photography, Austen focuses on the environment, often documenting it in intimate portraits. With this technique, her work can often reveal things that are overlooked or seen as inconsequential. Lately, Austen has been drawn to elements that make up landscapes, particularly water. She explores how there is no life without water and investigates its movements and how it shapes its surroundings. These ideas can be seen reflected in her works with this show. 

Lights Out II

Josephine (Ivy) McCoy is an NJ-based fine art photographer. Encouraged by her family at a young age Ivy dipped her hand into every pot of artistic craft from drawing, painting, sculpting, and even architecture. Until she finally found her calling in the world of photography and film. She obtained a degree at Kean University in film and media, which allowed her to collect her stripes in many freelance photography jobs. Her experiences within her freelancing allowed her to cultivate her abstract style and harness the unspoken moments of life. 

Blue Mist Arch

Lauren Curtis expresses her beliefs through her creations of painting, collage or photography. These works stem from her beliefs in nature, culture and the power of Feminine. She draws much inspiration from Earth-centered religion, various mythological and symbolic systems of both ancient and modern cultures, and her own traveling experience within the United States and Europe. Lauren believes that art, spirituality, culture and people are all connected and intertwined. She has a great respect for what makes people different while acknowledging that we are all an integral part of nature.  

35°41’31.26″ N 139°25’28.14″ E

Lee Day is a New York native that takes the term Versatile to another level. Lee has worked in a range of creative fields that embraces photojournalism, stock photography, interactive media, web design and creative writing. Now returning to his first interest, photography, he is now seeing how far he can go with his work and how it can open doors for a different perspective. His recent exertion Clipping Suburbia-Japan, allows the mind to be free and create your own frame of reference. Lee likes to capture the world as we see it and help build the awareness of how our environment and it can sometimes be taken for granted. In this show, memories and experiences are perceived and shared differently.

Energies From Within

Linda Sandow is an award-winning New York-based fine art photographer whose mysteriously evocative archival pigment prints reveal her fascination with infrared technology and metaphorical photography. Her background of working as a professional flutist and musician and her experience in software development has a huge influence in her art. In her series of works “Energies from Within,” and “Portals to Understandings,” Sandow draws on her background in both music and technology to aesthetically explore the impactful shifts in energy that result from human interaction and the way that humans interact with the world around them. Her sweepingly abstract compositions prompt the viewer to contemplate and reflect on the different emotions that her art provokes and delve deep into understanding her images beyond the surface level.  

Chinese Scholars Gardens

Parvathi Kumar expresses her work with Fine art photography. She voices her work through different genres of photography and tends to embrace them all. Based in Central New Jersey, Parvathi exhibits her work locally as well internationally. Taking a simple photograph is not her main focus, but instead she is taken by what she sees and only then tries to uniquely capture and share the vision of my mind’s eye. Her passion for photography stems from her childhood and was inherited from her mother at a very young age.  With this, she also does documentary work with the camera that helps her tell stories, spreading awareness and insight to help preserve memories. In this show, Parvathi will take you on a journey with her work by turning her shots into more forms, exploring with color, texture, shape and innovate design. 


Ron Wyatt is a documentary photographer and an instructor in China, Africa, Vietnam, Laos, and the United States. Due to his extensive traveling, Ron has photographed international sporting events, world leaders, celebrities, and religious figures. Various publications and institutions such as ESPN, USA Today, Time Magazine, Popular Photography, and TV Guide have recognized Wyatt’s works. Wyatt has now turned his lens to the stage; He was part of the World Tour of the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. As the lead photographer of the tour, Wyatt was able to experiment and capture his works with different angles and locations throughout each venue. 

A Walk in Lands End

Samuel Vovsi is a seasoned fine art photographer; when beginning his artistic journey, he saw his craft purely as good pastime activity, but it soon became something more. Over the years, his style has morphed and restructured, but at the core of his work has always been a form of travel photography, subjects being landscapes, cityscapes, sculptures, and architecture. Vovsi hopes to harness the rich nature his subjects are in, whether it’s the mossy floors of the forest or the vivacious street markets in Latin America. 

About the “New Brunswick Art Salon” Exhibitions:

Alfa Art Gallery utilizes New Brunswick Art Salons (NBAS) to unify the local art community and beyond. Since starting the program in 2010 Alfa Gallery has made a point to include a salon dedicated to singularly to photography. Over the years, the NBAS has not only exhibited works from both established and emerging artists but has also made fruitful connections locally and internationally through its successful programs. Within this non-profit organization, Alfa Art Gallery maintains its mission to uplift artists by providing an open and innovative environment. These exhibitions are free and open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.      

NBAS’2022 is sponsored by:

With the assistance of grants from organizations such as Amboy Bank, Magyar Bank, Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick City Center, Middlesex County Cultural, and Heritage Commission, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Pfizer Inc. Alfa Art is confident that all who come to the 2020 Oil Painting New Brunswick Art Salon will leave with a greater appreciation of the arts and the gallery’s showcasing of a variety of artists.   

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