About Alyssa Rose

Alyssa Rose is 21 years old and is from Warren, New Jersey. She graduated from Raritan Valley Community College with an Associates Degree in Digital Media/Film summer 2021. She is projected to further her education in Fall 2022 by attending Montclair State University to obtain her Bachelors Degree in TV and Film.

Growing up she always had a camera in her hand since she was 9 years old, as that was her favorite gift that she got growing up. She experimented with photography all of her life in association to videography, but didn’t take it as seriously until the pandemic hit. During the pandemic, as a way to keep busy, she started going outside and started taking photos of anything that caught her eye. Along with losing her job because of COVID-19, she really wanted to find a way to make money in a way that fit COVID protocols. During this, she started contacting friends and family and she started selling her landscape photography works and started doing social-distanced portraits. This landed her to eventually get an opportunity to work with her friend who got an opportunity to model with H&M. Alyssa was selected to take the photos for the clothing line, where H&M loved the photos enough to put them in selected stores. It was here that she realized the love of photography that has grown pretty fast, which was surprising considering her focus in the past was videography. During her time in the photography/videography industry, she also received education in terms of internships, since she really focuses more-so on getting hands-on experience. She has had an internship at a music video commissioner’s office for well-known artists like Lil Nas X, Flo Rida, and The Chainsmokers, where she would learn the behind the scenes jobs of the music video industry like emailing, budgeting, and organizing equipment to be sent out to the sets. Along with this, she had another internship at a music producer’s studio, and she also is a current intern at Alfa Art Gallery! Here she takes photos and videos of the gallery, but mostly on the photography side. Alfa Art has given her the opportunity to exhibit her works for the first time in a gallery, as she is excited to showcase works that mean a lot to her and is appreciative that Alfa Art has taken into consideration her work. She hopes that one day she can either become a music video director, concert photographer, or own her own business in relation to videography/photography.

Artist Statement

As a fine art editorial photographer, most of my work has strong roots in the fashion world. Fashion photography allows me to directly observe my subjects based on someone’s personality and see a deeper story behind my model’s beauty.  I think fashion takes a part of someone and literally puts it on their sleeve.

“The Whirlwind Effect”

My current work exhibits how simple physical objects like scenery or buildings can be turned into something more. When it comes to abstract art, the viewer doesn’t know what they’re looking at most of the time. In my photos, I eliminate the thought of “what am I looking at?” because it is clear to find out what the original subject is when viewing these pieces. The whole idea of my photography is to exemplify the question of “what am I looking for?” I like taking photos of subjects that emulate bright colors, such as neon lights, sunsets, etc. In my series “Whirlwind Effect,”  I create a 360 view of captivating scenery; I bring out parts of a photo that you have not seen with the naked eye. Abstracting my subjects allows the viewer to spend time on each image and interpret how the photos’ colors and subjects mix to create what I call “the Whirlwind Effect.” I am inspired by the overlooked; I hope to bring a new perspective to my viewers by diving into environments and subjects that are not of the status quo. The world is full of the idiosyncratic; you just need the will to see it.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2022 Spring Photography Exhibition

Artist Interview