About Samuel Vovsi

Samuel Vovsi was born in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad, USSR) and lived most of his life in Riga, Latvia. After receiving Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1972, he worked as professor of mathematics at Riga Technical University. In 1989 he immigrated to the United States and continued his academic career at Rutgers University, The College of New Jersey and UCLA. He published more than 50 research works and several books in abstract algebra and group theory; the results of this work can be found in www.vovsi.com/Publications. In the mid 1990s he became a computer programmer and has worked in various financial institutions for about 20 years.

As a casual amateur, Samuel Vovsi was doing photography most of his adult life. During the last 10 years this hobby has evolved into a serious passion, especially because it perfectly complemented his love to travel and exploration. He traveled extensively over the world (to the wildest and remotest areas of the former Soviet Union in the 1970-80s and to more accessible regions in later years) and the desire to capture his impressions and share them with others has gradually made him work on his images more and more seriously. Travel and landscape photography still occupies an important place in his work, but now he is also interested in cityscapes, architecture, sculptures, street photography and people in their everyday life. His works were exhibited and won awards at a number of juried shows and competitions, both domestic and international. Partial list of these events follows.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2022 — Photography: “Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – Photography: Moments of Focus

Vovsi’s photos are from his series “Latin American Kaleidoscope,” a collection of images taken during his adventures to several countries in South and Central America. Upon visiting the region, Vovsi’s first impression was the blinding array of vibrant colors. Used for everything from houses to cars, the bright and saturated hues visible in daily life are overwhelming. Combined with the myriad languages spoken throughout the continent, the wide variety of cultural differences and the unique history of native and colonial heritage, Vovsi’s joruney to Latin America was a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Artist Personal Website: www.vovsi.com

Email: samuel@vovsi.com

Phone: 609-273-3459

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