Energies from Within

We hide and reveal ourselves from moment to moment as we interact with everyone and everything around us.  The result is a change of energy.  It is an energy shift to our trajectory, as well as to the trajectory of the people and environment around us.  The future has been altered regardless of the magnitude of the shift.   

This series “Energies from Within” explores those energies in that moment of impact as we are taken to a new space in the journey to find what we seek.   

Portals To Understandings

From time to time I have a realization that allows me to see things in a very different way.  It’s like I went thru a portal to a new space where my evolved perception reshapes the landscape of everything.  While it is a shift for me personally, it sometimes grows to the consciousness of those around me. Or maybe it started elsewhere and came to me. Regardless there is clarity of thought and a new way of approaching, perceiving and functioning with this new understanding.  

The portal can be ignored, resisted, or embraced.  For me, all three experiences have happened and will continue to happen. The degree of resistance is usually connected to the magnitude of the insight. Discovering new insights is part of understanding myself, the things around me, and adapting appropriately. The way each episode is shaped reveals more to me about who I am, what I want, and the breadth and depth of the shift. 

This series “Portals to Understandings” explores how I, and maybe we, resist and hopefully embrace that portal to understand and calibrate our meanings and actions.  My images attempt to illustrate the resistance, contemplation, and acceptance of the shifts.  But in the end, it is all about the lesser and greater journeys that we encounter as we grow. My work on a larger scale deals with those journeys leading to the shifts that move us forward.