Artist Statement

My current work revolves around manifesting algorithmic perception – i.e. illuminating how our systems, our devices see the world we’ve put them in. The question is important for how we react to the increasingly intelligent tools that inhabit our digital world. Are they omniscient or dim-witted, clever or flawed? They certainly do not ‘perceive’ the world in the same manner as humans do, nor do they store their ‘experiences’ in the same kind of memories as us.

In my series Clipping Suburbia – Japan we see moments that I’ve selected from days worth of compilations captured by my iPhone riding the train system woven into the fabric of Metro Tokyo. The panorama function of this camera is an interesting analog to human perception, scanning the world we pass through in order to stitch together a coherent picture of it. The algorithms fail. They were designed for slightly different conditions and the result is a compression of sometimes elegant, but more frequently distressed compressions of time and space. Not unlike the experience you or I would have staring out a train window, absently gazing at the passing world, where certain moments pique your interest but many more meld together in an impressionistic blur. It is the juxtaposition of these two modes of perception, the algorithmic and the human that interest me. We can see in these moments captured in digital perception a shadow of our own experience, and yet we also see the difference.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2022 Spring Photography Exhibition



  • 2021 Critics Choice Award, LensCulture; August, 2021
  • Exposure 2021, Group Show, Photographic Resource Center, Wooster, MA; July, 2021
  • Bent Windows, Solo Show, Soho Photo Gallery, Online; April, 2021
  • Water Abstraction, Solo Show, Soho Photo Gallery, Online; February, 2021
  • 2021 Members Show, Group Show, Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY; February, 2021
  • Waterloo Photography Invitational, Group Show, PhotoCentric, Cleveland, OH; January, 2021
  • Clipping Suburbia – Japan, Solo Show, Soho Photo Gallery, Online; October, 2020
  • The Photo Review Competition 2020, Group Show, Honorable Mention & Haverford Purchase Prize; September, 2020
  • Clipping, Photo Series, Critical Mass 2020, Finalist; August, 2020
  • Clipping, Photo Series, Short-list, Athens Photo Festival 2020
  • Gesture and Motion, Group Show, Site: Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; March, 2020
  • 2020 Members Show, Group Show, Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY; February, 2020
  • TrainPans: Industrial Abstraction, Solo Show, Soho Photo Gallery, NY, NY; September, 2019
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  • Power Line Feeds by Ursula Endlicher, Laboratory, Spokane, WA; 11/19 Device Logic and Programming
  • Input Field Form by Ursula Endlicher, Agrikultura, Malmo, Sweden; 7/17 Device Logic/Programming and Production
  • Input Field (Password) Plates by Ursula Endlicher, Creative Tech Week, Brooklyn, NY; 5/17 Device Programming & Production
  • FAR-FLUNG’s future by Ursula Endlicher at WUK, Vienna, Austria; 11/15 Set Production
  • FAR-FLUNG follows function by Ursula Endlicher, xMPL at Contemporary Art Center, Irvine, CA; 10/13 – Set Production


  • Ashes – A Novel by Lee Day, @; 2008


  • Smith Barney
    • Graphic Content Management – Smith Barney ACCESS; 1999–2001
    • Site Design – Stock Option ACCESS; 1998
    • Web Design & Production – Smith Barney ACCESS; 1996–1998


  • Bender Design; 2/96-6/96, Web Design
    • Graduate School Guide
  • Judson Rosebush Co.; 2/96-12/96, Programmer (Kudo Image Catalog)
    • Assembled and produced 3 Cross platform stock art CD-rom’s
  • Virtual Creations; 12/95-2/96, Programmer (Macromedia Director), Art Production
    • Toshiba Laptop Computer – Promotional CD-rom for trade shows.
    • American Bible Association – Sales Demo
  • World Discovery Software; 5/95 – 9/95, CD-rom Production
    • Art Production, Graphic Artist, Software Testing throughout Development Cycle
  • Marsden Productions, NY City; 11/82-7/83
    • Studio Photography, Forox SD, Staging Audio-Visual Productions
  • International Center for Photography, NY City; 6/79-8/79
    • Darkroom manager, teaching assistant


Memberships: Soho Photo Gallery, New York, NY; 2019 to present

Representation: Black Star, Stock & Contract Photography; 1989-1995

Artist Interview