About Ron Wyatt

In his more than 25 year career, Ron Wyatt has photographed a wide range of subjects, including
international sporting events, world leaders, celebrities and religious figures. As the leader
of multiple international photographic tours, Ron has helped others improve their photography
through hands-on instruction and daily critiques in China, Africa, Vietnam, Laos and throughout
the United States.
He has covered NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball, and his images have appeared in many
publications and on-air broadcasts, including ESPN, USA Today, Time Magazine, Popular
Photography and TV Guide. He has shared his images and personal stories through lectures,
presentations and exhibitions at many venues, including WPPI Las Vegas, the Calumet Gallery and
Hallmark Institute of Photography. His prints have been featured in solo and group exhibitions
and his work has appeared on a range of products. For more information, visit

Artist Statement

These images were taken during multiple world tours as the lead photographer of the Moscow
Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Being able to photograph the show many times allowed me to
experiment with different angles and locations throughout each venue.
The extraordinary sets and incredible skill of the dancers combined to create a wonderland that
I feel very fortunate to have experienced.
I’ve chosen canvas as the medium for these photographs in part because it allows the work to be
displayed without glass or acrylic. I also like how the texture of the canvas makes the images
look a bit like paintings, which fits in well with the time period (late 19th century) in which
the Nutcracker’s score was originally composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2022 — Photography: “Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind”