About Lauren Curtis 

Lauren Curtis’ works speak to her true loves: nature, femininity and spirituality. She draws on symbols found in both ancient and modern cultures, composing odes to the powers of the Feminine and Nature in her mixed media pieces. Using a blend of photography, oil, ink, charcoal, and pencil, she depicts stories in her collages, each tale interwoven with her own life’s journey. She visually explores how people exist within the microcosm and macrocosm of the Earth. She received a certificate for honors design from Parsons School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Her works have been featured in group, duo, and solo exhibitions prominently throughout the tristate area. She has also received numerous awards, including 2nd place in the 2017 Photography Competition conducted by the New Brunswick Public Library and Alfa Art Gallery, and has been published in numerous magazines, blogs, and videos.


New Brunswick Art Salon 2022 — Photography: “Interchangeable Lens: Frame of Mind”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2019 – Watercolor & Mixed Media: “Ephemeral Visions”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 – All Media: “Visceral and Visionary”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2014 – Photography: “New Brunswick in The Eyes of  Photographers”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2013 – Mixed Media: “Infinite Layers Part II”


Artist Personal Website: www.LaurenCurtisArt.com & https://laurencurtisart.weebly.com

Email: forestwalker333@hotmail.com

Artist Statement

Art, spirituality and culture are all intertwined. Through my work, I express my beliefs, which have strong roots in the power of the Feminine and Nature, and draw from various mythological and symbolic systems of both ancient and modern cultures. Using artwork& photography, often inspired from my travels within the US & Europe, I tell my personal stories of the world as I experience it, and of myself as an individual in that world.

I have a great respect for what makes people different, as well as what makes us similar. Earth-centered religions, from which I draw much inspiration, believe that everything and everyone are connected and contain their own beauty. Art is a perfect medium to portray these ideas. We are all an integral part of nature, in both a macro-& micro-cosmic sense, and the similarities found throughout different countries and cultures seem to prove this. These relationships are an important focus for my work.

When creating art I enjoy using diverse materials, and for each piece, I select the media that best exemplifies the symbols & subjects I’ve chosen to work with. Whether it’s through painting, collage or photography, each image then becomes it’s own personal myth-story.


 Individual Exhibitions & Two Artist Shows

Artist of the Month, July 2020, Gallery On Main, Somerville, NJ, USA 

Artist of the Month, Oct. 2018, Inspire Art Gallery, Dunellen, NJ, USA  

Solo Photography Exhibition, 2015-2016, OQ Gallery, Highland Park, NJ, USA  

Two Artist Exhibit, 2015, Mayor’s Office, City Hall Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Solo Show, Photos & Digital Photo Collage, 2014, Ruthie‘s Cafe, Highland Park, NJ, USA  

Solo Show, X-RAYted CurioCities Photo Collages, 2013, Caladan Gallery, International Online Exhibit  

Solo Photography Show, Journeys, 2011, Gourgaud Gallery, Cranbury, NJ, USA  

Two Artist Exhibit, Journeys, 2011, Gallery @ the Rotunda, Metuchen, NJ, USA  

Solo Show, Passing On: Autumn Requiem, 2010-2011, Schwenkfelder Museum, Pennsburg, PA, USA  

Solo Photography Exhibit, Journeys in B&W, 2010, Haven, Highland Park, NJ, USA  

Solo & 2 Artist Photo & Mixed Media Exhibits, 2009-2013, Artisanal Gallery, Somerville, NJ, USA  

Solo Photography & Painting Exhibit, Structures & Silhouettes, 2009, Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Awarded several solo shows, Caladan Gallery,  2006-2011, Online & Cambridge, MA, USA  

Artist-of-the-Month Solo Exhibits, 2006 & 2007, No. Brunswick Municipal Gallery, No. Bruns., NJ, USA  

Featured Artist (paintings) at the 15th Annual Women’s Festival, 2005, Morristown, NJ, USA  

Solo Painting Show, Goddess Art, 2005, Art Academy & Gallery of Highland Park,  NJ, USA  

Solo Mixed Media & Painting Show, 2004, Historic Library of New Brunswick, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Solo Art Exhibit, 2001, Highland Park Public Library , Highland Park, NJ,  USA  

Solo Mixed Media  Art Show, Good Friday the 13th, 2001, Zabba Zu Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ, USA  

Solo Mixed Media Shows, Venus Productions, 1998-1999, CBGB’s Downstairs Gallery, NYC, NY, USA  

Selected Group Exhibitions

Windows of Understanding, Public Art Exhibit, 2021, Metuchen Library Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, USA 

Hope, Doors, & Old School, Group Shows, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2014, Transformations Gallery, Metuchen, NJ USA Culture Crawl Town-wide Art Event, 2019, Town Hall & Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ, USA  

Reflections, Phenomenal Women, Group Exhibits, 2019, 2020, Above Art Studios, New Bruns.,NJ, USA Ephemeral Visions and Sightings, Group Exhibits, 2019, Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA woodBRIDGE to Art, Group Exhibit, 2018-2019, Woodbridge Public Library, Woodbridge, NJ, USA  

Monthly Exhibits, 2018-2019, Inspire Art Gallery, Dunellen, NJ, USA  

Holiday Show, Samhain, Tattooed, Group Exhibits, 2018-2020, Atelier Rosal Gallery, Rahway, NJ, USA  

Art for a Wintry Season, 2018, 4 artist exhibit, Millstone River Gallery,  Plainsboro, NJ, USA  

Raritan River; Our Landscape, Our Legacy, Photo Show, 2017, Johnson &Johnson World Headquarters Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Spring Blooms, Group Exhibit, 2017, South Avenue Arts Gallery, Garwood, NJ, USA  

FINALE, Light, Grass is Greener, Everyday; People & Things, Group Exhibits, 2017-2018, Gallery U, Westfield, NJ, USA  

Fall Show & Winter Photo Exhibits, 2019-2020; Visceral & Visionary, 2018, L’Appel  Du Vide Art Salon, 2016, Group Shows, Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Rooted, Group Show, 2016, Tulpehaking Nature Center Gallery, Hamilton, NJ, USA  

Ebu Art Exhibit, Group Show, 2016, Straube Center , Pennington, NJ, USA  

NOYES Museum Fine Arts Annual, Juried Group Exhibit, 2016, Noyes Museum, Atlantic City, NJ, USA  

Iconic, Community, & Photography, Group Exhibits, 2016-2017, WAG Gallery, Woodbridge, NJ, USA  

Naked In New Hope, Group Exhibit, 2015, Sidetracks Gallery, New Hope, PA, USA  

Nature Soothes…, Group Photo Show, 2015, D&R Greenway Land Trust Gallery, Princeton, NJ, USA  

Courage, Fragile Earth, Animals, Beautiful & Powerful, Revelation/Revolution, Elements, & Sacred Spaces, Group Shows, 2015-2020, Nails in the Wall Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, USA        

NJ Isn’t Boring!, Group Exhibition, 2015, Arts Guild New Jersey Gallery, Rahway, NJ, USA  

Trees & Plants, Nature’s Beauty & Drastic Skies, Group Exhibits, 2015 – 2018, Gourgaud Gallery, Cranbury, NJ, USA    

Spirit of the Human Family, Group Exhibit, 2015, Linda Grandis Blatt Gallery, Morristown, NJ, USA  

Art & Science 2014 International Photo Contest, Group Exhibit, AI.I.Cuza University, Iasi, Romania  

Invitational & Juried Exhibits, 2014-present, So. Brunswick Municipal Gallery, Monmouth Jct., NJ, USA  

Palette, Group Exhibition, 2014, Gallery U, Westfield, NJ, USA  

Friends & Neighbors, 2014, Pierro Gallery, So. Orange, NJ, USA  

In Bloom, Invitational Group Exhibition, 2014, Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ, USA  

Strong Women, Group Exhibit, 2014, Ahavas Shalom Gallery, Newark, NJ, USA   

Winter Photography Salon, Juried Show, 2014, Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Holiday Group Exhibit, 2013, Art on A Gallery, NYC, NY, USA  

Dia de los Muertos, 2013, LITM Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, USA  

Mandalas and Immigration, 2013-2014, 2 Group Shows, Nails in the Wall Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, USA  

Infinite Layers, Group Show, 2013, Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

RAYS traveling group exhibit, 2013, various venues/galleries in Somerset & Morris Counties, NJ, USA  

Small Works, 3 Artist Show, 2013, McCall Gallery, Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ, USA  

Rites of Spring, Juried Show, 2013, Gallery @ 14 Maple, Morris Arts Council, Morristown, NJ, USA Fantastic Tales, Juried Show, 2013, So. Brunswick Municipal Gallery (artwork selected for promo         materials),  Monmouth Jct., NJ, USA  

Fall Art Exhibit, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, UMDNJ Newark Medical School Gallery, Newark, NJ, USA   

Strange Glue, Collage Art Online & Catalog Exhibit, 2012-2013, Thompson Gallery, Weston, MA, USA  

Monthly Group Shows,  March 2012 through present, Gallery U, Red Bank & Westfield, NJ, USA  

Corpus Illuminata II, Group Show, 2012, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, Michigan, USA  

3rd Annual Facebook Friends Show, 2012, ArtPrideNJ, Lyceum Hall Cntr. for  Arts, Burlington, NJ, USA  

In the Good Old Summertime, Invitational Show, 2012, Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ, USA  

Green Acres: It’s All Yours!, 2011-2012, NJ Dept. of Environmental Protect. Hdqtrs., Trenton, NJ, USA  

200 Below, Group Show, 2011-2012, Brook Arts Center, Bound Brook, NJ, USA  

New Brunswick Unique, Juried Show, 2011, The Heldrich Corporate Hotel, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

HPAC Exhibits, 2011, Municipal Gallery & Brook Art Center, Piscataway & Bound Brook, NJ, USA  

Freeze, Juried Group Exhibit, 2011, Arthouse Production Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, USA See All the People, Juried Show, 2011, So. Brunswick Municipal Gallery (artwork selected for postcards),  Monmouth Jct., NJ, USA  

Art Auction for the Gulf of Mexico, Group Art Auction, 2010, Brigham Galleries, Louisiana, USA  

Enlightenment Through Experience, Group Exhibits, 2010, Art Salon, Santa Fe, NM, USA  

Get Your Freak On!, Group Show, 2010, Space 242 Gallery, Boston, MA, USA  

Winter Exhibit, Group Show, 2010, Straube Center Galleries, Pennington, NJ, USA       

Faces Group Exhibit, 2009-2010, MH Art Gallery, (artwork selected for postcards) NYC, NY, USA  

NJ Group Exhibit, 2009-2010, NJN TV/Radio Station Headquarters Gallery, Trenton, NJ, USA  

Female Expressions Group Show, 2009, Newark Arts Council Gallery, Newark, NJ, USA  

West Windsor Arts Council Juried (by Michael Graves) Show, 2009, Princeton, NJ, USA  

Mysterious & Real, featured artist in group show, 2009, Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Human History Juried Exhibit, 2008, The Brennan Gallery, Hudson Co. Cultural & Heritage Affairs Statewide Arts Annual, Jersey City, NJ, USA  

Beauty of Earth Group Photo Show, 2008, Schwenkfelder Museum, Pennsburg, PA, USA  

Landscapes of the Coastal Plains Juried Exhibit, 2008, Adkins Arboretum Gallery, MD, USA  

Between Heaven & Earth Juried Exhibit, 2008, College of NJ Gallery, Ewing, NJ, USA  

Bridging Heaven & Earth, 2007-Present, traveling TV & gallery exhibits, Santa Barbara, CA, USA  

Invitational Small Works Annual Exhibit, 2007, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA, USA  

Gail Whitter Mail-Art International Group Exhibits, 2006-2010, Trail Art Center, BC, Canada  

Seekers & Visions and 100 Under 100 Juried Exhibits, 2006-2008, Gallery 181, Lawrence, MA, USA   

REAL Hot 100 Women Group Exhibit, 2006, KFMK Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, NY, USA  

Arts in the Park, Juried Art Fests, 2005- 2012, (Hon. Mention in Photography), Highland Park, NJ, USA  

Dios De Los Muertos Juried Exhibit, 2005, Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, OR, USA  

Peace Works Juried Exhibit, 2004, Times Square Lobby Gallery, NYC, NY, USA  

Pipe Dreams Traveling Exhibit, 2003, The Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, NYC, NY, USA  

Symbology Juried Exhibit, 2002, Times Square Lobby Gallery, NYC, NY, USA  

Nudes Group Exhibit, 2002, Asbury Art Center, Asbury Park, NJ, USA  

Johnny Has 3 Arms Three Artist Exhibit, 2002, The Fringe Gallery, Newark, NJ, USA  

Zeek Magazine Artist Exhibit, 2005, Makor Gallery, NYC, NY, USA  

4 Artist Exhibit, 2005, Through the Moongate Gallery, Highland Park, NJ, USA   

Women’s Juried Group Exhibit, 2004, Solaris Gallery, Califon, NJ, USA  

Halloween, Four Artist Exhibit, 2001, Dusks Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, USA  

Impressions of  Winter Juried Exhibit, 2000, Art Alliance Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, USA  

All My Children Juried Exhibit, 1999, Art Alliance Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, USA  

Thesis Exhibit, 1988, Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers), New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Awards & Recognitions

Hon. Mention, Story Monster LLC’s Purple Dragonfly Award, Children’s Book Illustration, July, 2019  

2nd Place Award, Photography Competition, New Brunswick Public library & Alfa Art Gallery,  June, 2017, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Excellence in Photography, Public Library Contest, Nov., 2015, New Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Art repros & art info on display at Lundbeck Research Corp. Gallery, March, 2014, Paramus, NJ, USA Artist of the Month, ArtPrideNJ  Website, February, 2013, NJ, USA & Online.  

Honorable Mention Cash Award, East Brunswick Juried Art Fest, June, 2012, East Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Hon. Mention, Green Acres: It’s All Yours! NJDEP photo contest, Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012,Trenton,NJ,USA   

1st Prize Photography Award, 9th Annual East Brunswick Juried Art Fest, June, 2011, E. Bruns., NJ, USA  

Photo won Benjamin Franklin Award, 5th Annual Juried Art Fest, Franklin Township, NJ, USA     

Photo in month-long exhibit, Franklin Twnp. Library, July-Aug. 2010, Somerset, NJ, USA  

1st Prize Winner, 26th Annual Ray Bradbury Art Contest, Waukegan Public Library & Website,  April, 2010, Waukegan, IL, USA    

Historical painting selected for permanent collection, Joyce Kilmer Library, August, 2007    Edison, NJ, USA  

Judge’s Honorable Mention Award, 2nd Annual Juried Exhibit.July,2007, Franklin Township NJ, USA,  Selected as Artist-of-the-Month, Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Community Services; awarded solo exhibits,  April, 2006 & March, 2007, North Brunswick, NJ, USA  

Finalist in the Art.com Fall 2006 Call for Art Competition, October, 2006. Online internationally.  

Honorable Mention in Photography, Positive Focus, “The Experimentals photo competition, Dec. 2005,  NYC, NY, USA  

Winner of The  Pauper art group’s national online artist’s design competition, November, 2005. Honorable Mention in Photography, Juried Arts Fest,  Sept., 2005, Highland Park, NJ, USA Artwork received 2nd Place Award in Morbid Outlook Magazine art contest, 2004, NYC, NY USA Artwork featured on several on-line galleries; awarded solo exhibits, 2001-present.  

Certificate from honors graphic design course, Parsons School of Design, 1984 NYC, NY, USA 

Artist Interview

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