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Lauren Curtis was graduated with a BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, in 1988. She’s been creating ever since and now, as a full time artist, enjoys working in a variety of media, including oils, collage, pen & ink, watercolor and photography. The artist is happiest when creating pieces that represent her love of nature, wildlife, travel and spiritual subject matter. The symbolism and mythology of ancient cultures are fused with the symbols from modern-day , natural spiritual practices, to form a unique and eclectic style. These images are often portrayed through the woman’s perspective, showing the importance of

“The Feminine”, which is sometimes over-looked. Travel is another major influence in Lauren’s work and the pieces, usually photographs, created from these journeys helps the artist to convey the beauty found in diversity, as well as in the similarities, that run through various cultural belief-systems. 

Lauren has had artwork and poetry published by greeting card and crafter companies, magazines, children’s books and historical organizations, including the Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission. One of her pieces was selected for the permanent collection of the Joyce Kilmer Library in central NJ. Her work has been displayed in private collections, healthcare centers and galleries and was selected for a solo exhibit at Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters, July-August, 2009. She was a featured artist on the Science Channel’s TV show Oddities (2011-2012), was also featured on Germany’s TAFF TV (2015), several NJ/NYC cable /YouTube TV shows and has done radio interviews as well. Lauren has participated in over 100 solo, group & juried exhibitions, won multiple awards and is a member of NJ Arts organizations. Her artwork has been sold throughout the US and abroad and she exhibits her work monthly in gallery shows, art festivals and cultural events.

Captivating artists hail from a variety of diverse occupational backgrounds and Lauren Curtis is no exception. Working as a marketing coordinator for a healthcare center for over ten years helped Curtis foster a fascination with x-rays enabling her to view various depictions of the human skeletal frame. It was through this fascination that Curtis found the inspiration to incorporate x-rays into her visually striking body of work. Each of her works serve as a reflection of the spiritual and scientific wonders of animalia and the human form. Her efforts ultimately culminated into her “X-Rayted Series” comprising photographic collages of human and/or animal X-rays sometimes incorporated with Victorian woodcut etchings of insects, plant life and other subjects. Curtis found a way to capture the form of the x-rays through photographs and retain the transparent look of the images while juxtaposing them with original nature images and photos she took of cemetery and funerary statuaries from across the United States & Europe. Though seemingly macabre, Curtis’ works radiate a distinctive luminousness as her transparent images reflect soft glowing silhouettes contrasted against dark backgrounds. The similarity between these human and animal skeletal structures reflects the congruity between man and nature, a theme which Curtis’ X-Rayted series emphasizes with considerable fervor.    

New Brunswick Art Salon 2019 – Watercolor & Mixed Media: “Ephemeral Visions”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 – All Media: “Visceral and Visionary”



(Xray) Night Root Creature. (signed)Dimensions: 8×10, 11×14, 16×20.

While working as a marketing coordinator in a health-care center for over 10 years, I became intrigued with all the x-rays I saw during my career, depicting various states of the human skeletal system.  As an artist, I was fascinated by being able to see the inner workings and sculptural forms of the human body and I envisioned a way to incorporate them into my artwork.  These x-rays, to me, truly represent the spiritual and scientific wonders of nature and the human body.  This lead me to create the “X-Rayted” series, which I began in early 2010 and continue to expand on currently.

The content consists of photographic collages of human and/or animal X-rays (I found a way to photograph the actual x-rays and retain the transparent look of the images) sometimes  incorporated with Victorian woodcut etchings of insects, plant life and other subjects and  juxtaposed with original nature images and/or photos I shot of cemetery and funerary statuary from across the US & Europe. I am also working on new pieces utilizing photos I took of animal bones, feathers and shells (all naturally found objects!).  By doing this I can represent the underlying connection between all forms of nature and how life and death are so closely intertwined. 


Xray Small Creature Yin-Yang.
(signed) Dimensions: 8×10, 11×14, 16×20.

There is a universal connection between all life forms; the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. By utilizing current as well as historical imagery, the symbolism in my photographic collages adds a sense of history, time and place to the pieces. The photographs of the X-rays collaged with the other components detail our existence on earth and how it is both finite and infinite at the same time.   I also enjoy the connection between the organic shapes of the human and animal bones along with those of the other natural components in the pieces.  This portrays the connectedness amongst human beings with other life forms on Earth.






New Brunswick Art Salon 2014 – Photography: “New Brunswick in The Eyes of  Photographers”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2013 – Mixed Media: “Infinite Layers Part II”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2011

“Mystics & Mourners: Archetypes in Nature & Spirit”

Lauren Curtis - Mother's Lament

This is the focus of a body of work I’ve been developing over the last few years. Today’s world brings much tragedy, both natural and man-made. It also presents incredible access to knowledge, but  deep sadness for the world’s losses. We are left to mourn, but also to seek enlightenment. Exploring these issues via my art practice I seek a pathway to inspire thought and communication about the social issues of spirituality and mortality and how they bond with nature.

Lauren Curtis - Mystics and Mourners

After studying and embracing Earth-centered spiritual systems and mythologies, as well as traveling to experience other cultures first hand, I’ve developed my own symbols to represent several archetypes that I feel are part of  our human foundation. The Mystic/Hermit represents introspection and our quest for knowledge and growth. The Mourner is someone we will all inevitably become, whether it’s to mourn a loved one or a global tragedy (more and more common today). The Tree of Life depicts all of nature, as well as humanity, and is a symbol found throughout history around the globe. The Tree also represents the highest level of wisdom the Mystic can reach. I’ve chosen to explore these  ideas  through oil, watercolor and mixed-media paintings.

Lauren Curtis - Solitary MournerAs a full time artist, I have been working to not only exhibit this series  (part of which will be in a July/Aug. 2009 solo show at J&J World Headquarters as well as Alfa Art Gallery) but my other paintings and photographs as well.  I have participated in over 85 shows (group, solo & juried) since graduating from Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers) in 1988 and have been exhibiting /selling work throughout the US & abroad.  My art can be found in the collections of several NJ historical organizations including the Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission and in the Joyce Kilmer Library Gallery, as well as in private collections.  My work is also represented by galleries in NJ and MA, and I’ve been commissioned to create illustrations for publications, on-line magazines, crafter companies and businesses.  For more information about my artwork, please contact me at forestwalker333@hotmail.com.

Artist Personal Website: www.LaurenCurtisArt.com & https://laurencurtisart.weebly.com


 Individual Exhibitions & Two Artist Shows

  • Solo Photography Exhibition,  2015-2016, OQ Gallery, Highland Park, NJ, USA
  • Two Artist Exhibit, 2015, Mayor’s Office, City Hall Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
  • Solo Show, X-RAYted Curio Cities Photo Collages, 2013, Caladan Gallery, International Online Exhibit
  • Solo Photography Show, Journeys, 2011, Gourgaud Gallery, Cranbury, NJ, USA
  • Two Artist Exhibit, Journeys, 2011, Gallery @ the Rotunda, Metuchen, NJ, USA
  • Solo & 2 Artist Photo & Mixed Media Exhibits, 2009-2013, Artisanal Gallery, Somerville, NJ, USA
  • Solo Photography & Painting Exhibit, Structures & Silhouettes, 2009, Johnson & Johnson
  • World Headquarters Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Ebu Art Exhibit, Group Show,  2016, Straube Center , Pennington, NJ, USA
  • NOYES Museum Fine Arts Annual, Juried Group Exhibit, 2016, Noyes Museum, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
  • Community &  Photography, Group Exhibits, 2016, Woodbridge Artisan Guild, Woodbridge, NJ, USA
  • Naked In New Hope, Group Exhibit, 2015, Sidetracks Gallery, New Hope, PA, USA
  • NJ Isn’t Boring!, Group Exhibition, 2015, Arts Guild New Jersey Gallery, Rahway, NJ, USA
  • Spirit of the Human Family, Group Exhibit, 2015, Linda Grandis Blatt Gallery, Morristown, NJ, USA
  • Art & Science 2014 International Photo Contest, Group Exhibit, AI.I.Cuza University, Iasi, Romania
  • Artist invitational, Group Exhibit, 2014, So. Brunswick Municipal Gallery,  Monmouth Jct., NJ,USA

Awards & Recognitions

  • Certificate; excellence in photography, Public Library Contest, Nov., 2015, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
  • Honorable Mention Cash Award, East Brunswick Juried Art Fest, June, 2012, East Brunswick, NJ, USA
  • Hon. Mention, Green Acres: It’s All Yours! NJDEP photo contest, Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012,Trenton,NJ,USA
  • 1st Prize Photography Award, 9th Annual East Brunswick Juried Art Fest, June, 2011, E. Bruns., NJ, USA
  • Photo won Benjamin Franklin Award, 5th Annual Juried Art Fest, Franklin Township, NJ, USA   
  • 1st Prize Winner, 26th Annual Ray Bradbury Art Contest, Waukegan Public Library & Website,   
  •  April, 2010, Waukegan, IL, USA  

Associations &  Gallery Representation

  • Gallery U, 2012-present, Westfield, NJ,  USA
  • Nails in the Wall Gallery, 2012-present, Metuchen, NJ, USA
  • Alfa Art Gallery, 2009-present, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
  • Through the Moongate, 2004-present, Highland Park, NJ, USA
  • Caladan Gallery, Sept. 2005- 2013 (awarded solo shows), Cambridge, MA, USA

Artwork commissioned by clients throughout the US & in the UK, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Canada,  Malaysia, Australia    

Member of the Highland Park Artist Collective, 2010-present, Highland Park, NJ, USA


”SmART Business Coaching” art & fine art-business courses, NYC, NY, USA

Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, BFA, New Brunswick, NJ, USA. (Majored in Painting and Drawing.   Photography & Graphic Design courses.)

Parsons School of Design, NYC, NY,USA. Received certificate for honors design course.

DuCret School of the Arts, Plainfield, NJ, USA.  Drawing and Color Theory courses.

Artist Interview

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