Our first post on #5womenartists didn’t even begin to cover the tremendous volume of interesting and boundary-pushing work made by women, so we had to make another. This week we celebrate Susan Amann. Susan Amann’s pottery is a mixture of hand built and wheel thrown pieces that transcend from functional forms to more sculptural works….

Following the escalation of COVID-19 Coronavirus in America, we have taken the difficult, precautionary measure to postpone this year’s “Life Distilled” opening reception. We are incredibly disappointed to take this action so close to the event opening, however the well-being of our visitors is of utmost importance. We will notify you about a reschedule date…

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual global holiday on March 8, that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and pays tribute to those who have paved the way. There are plenty of meaningful ways to embrace this day: you might consider shopping at women-owned businesses, exploring art by female artists,…

Today I was playing around with our Vimeo account and decided to search for “Alfa Art Gallery” and was delighted to see there were a lot of video of events at the gallery posted by others. Check them out here – https://vimeo.com/search?q=alfa+art+gallery

Pharell’s New Venture IAmOther Has A Vlog called Voice of Art And This Episode is On Street Art Vs. Illegal BillBoards From An Artist Perspective Watch The Video After The Jump 

Wordle is not a novel idea but I only recently discovered that there is a very simple way of generating your own “wordles”. Just go to http://www.wordle.net/ and provide a URL or paste some text and off you go. They have tons of templates and you can keep refreshing the randomly generated layout until you get…

As of  April 12th The Philadelphia Museum of Art is  holding an Exhibit Entitled “Van Gogh Up Close” Showing a number of paintings by the artist get your tickets soon the First & Last 3 shows are already sold out. Check The Dates After The Jump

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