We at Alfa Art Gallery know that the world is changing, and that modern society has undergone quite the metamorphosis over these past months. Alfa has adapted exceptionally well to the current, virtual setting that the world now finds itself in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been accomplished through the impassioned, dedicated efforts of not only the staff here at Alfa, but also everyone that continues to create and enjoy art from the safety of their own home. Be it redefining our approach to virtual exhibitions, researching new forms of community outreach, or implementing your voice into the ideation process here at Alfa, we will do our utmost to maintain our ambition of providing the community with the highest echelon of artistic expression and diverse cultural representation at all times.


Virtual Exhibitions:

Alfa Art Gallery has successfully conducted several virtual exhibitions following the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine. We hope to carry on with showcasing our exhibitions in simultaneous physical and virtual formats moving forward, so as to provide our community with continued feats of artistic expression with safety and immediacy in mind. 

Encounters: Oil and Mixed Media Virtual Exhibition

“The Space Between: Questions of Place in Times of Uncertainty,” an Alfa Art & WCA All-Media Exhibition and Collaboration (Virtual and Physical Exhibition)

Lifted: Vesselin Kourtev & John Hawaka Virtual and Physical Exhibition


Artist Interviews:

Alfa Art Gallery has successfully conducted a plethora of artist interviews via zoom (for both local and international artists alike), in our pursuit of a proactive online presence and excellent digital promotions for our artists throughout the ongoing pandemic. These interviews have allowed both audiences and interns alike to gain a greater comprehension of who these artists are and the process by which they utilize their respective artistic mediums. All of the interviews with Alfa’s artists are posted to our official Youtube channel and website


Social Media Platforms:

Alfa Art Gallery has made strides to create a consistent, active online presence for the gallery and maintain interactions with the community on all social media platforms. This has allowed Alfa to keep adapting and evolving throughout the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, and we will undoubtedly continue to develop more programs that benefit our audience and the gallery itself alongside the feedback that you all provide as valued patrons and important members of the Alfa community.  







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