Maureen Bennet is a mixed media artist residing in northern New Jersey, who is drawn to nature and involves herself intimately within the creative process. Through photography, drawing, painting, hand-colored archival print, and more. She has displayed work in solo and group exhibitions while also involved in education, creative consulting, and artist residencies. Her work has also been featured in several films and television shows, including Good Morning America and Sesame Street.

In this interview, Maureen Bennet discusses her start as an artist, and how losing her job during the economic crash in 2008 is what started her journey. While also working as a social justice advocate, Bennet also finds the time to create exploratory pieces that have made her more aware of her voice that she can express with each piece that she makes. She describes art as getting in touch and empowering one’s self to help embrace their inner artistry. By incorporating nature into her pieces, Bennet desires to have her art resemble love, joy, and healing.