New Brunswick Art Salon (NBAS) and the Alfa Art Gallery presents the 2023 Summer Exhibition “Close To Home”,

The oil and mixed media exhibition has been a part of the ongoing success of Alfa’s NBAS program since 2010. This exhibition showcases a diverse array of artworks from esteemed artists both native to New Jersey as well as artists living and working within the tri-state area, and features oil paintings and mixed media works that truly push the boundaries of conventional media. From oil paint to textile, each artist presents their own innovative approach to both the traditional medium of oil paint and mixed media art in order to capture visions of the contemporary world.

“Close to Home” will highlight the work of artists such talented artists as Ann Vollum, a fiber and mixed media artist based in New Jersey who has travelled widely and lived across the globe, as well as artist Rodrigo Brasil, who is from Brazil and explores the concept of wonderment through his work. Through this Salon, we wish to have our artists tell you their story through their innovative works. Alfa Art Gallery is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a vessel for artists with rich histories and varying experiences to tell their personal journey through art. Each of our artists will come together at our Salon to blur the line between the art and the artist.

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