This season, Alfa Art gallery opens to showcase watercolor and mixed media works in “After the Charm: In the Name of Autumn”. Alfa’s New Brunswick Art Salon (NBAS) once again will open to feature watercolor artists both native to New Jersey and beyond. The selected artists create a diverse grouping of professionals the group of artists featured in this year’s show presents evocative and innovative uses of watercolor and mixed media to express their vision. Each artist featured, draws on varied inspirations to present their unique viewpoints of the world that surrounds them.

MaryAnn Goodwin is an artist based out of Neptune, NJ with an extensive background in graphic design and water color. The award-winning artist studied at Caldwell University earning her BFA in painting as well as minoring in graphic design. In watercolor, she is inspired by the combination of pigment water and substrate and the balance between the serendipitous color and the control needed for the final image. She hopes to inspire a visceral response with her paintings. The textures, patterns and objects within her compositions create a narrative in relation to each other. Her unique use of a bird’s eye view invites her audience to take a closer consideration of these often-overlooked objects.