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Alfa Art Gallery
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Opening Reception: Friday June 27, 6:30 – 10:30 pm
Exhibition Duration: June 27 to July 26

DSC_2748Even though the human body has been a traditional subject among artists for centuries, the depiction of the human figure is constantly evolving and challenging conventions .  From the period when ancient Greek artists were driven to depict the ideal figure, artists’ perspectives of the human form have gradually changed and become more diverse, showing viewers that there is more than one kind of body.

The Alfa Art Gallery’s “Perceptions of the Human Body and Form” exhibition demonstrates this modernized view of the human figure and portraiture.  Opening on Friday, June 27, 2014 from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m., the show will feature exciting, diverse perspectives of the human body through a variety of styles, such as abstraction, expressionism, cubism and naturalism.

The exhibition will feature pieces by Kimberly Camp, Herbie Pabst, Jorge Cruz, Wade Miller, Vesselin Kourtev, Judith Leeds and Mary Ellen Scherl.

Kimberly Camp is a highly revered artist who has made significant contributions to the art world.  Camp illustrates the importance of art in influencing democracy, social equity and diversity by using portraiture that depicts character and life.

Herbie Pabst has recently focused on painting as a primary medium that allows him to creatively and honestly express his ideas and emotions.  Through his artwork, Pabst combines his inner and outer worlds  to communicate his unique views of human nature.

DSC_2745Jorge Cruz is an artist who specializes in stained glass.  Working with this medium has become his passion and he strives to make his works more than just “arts and crafts.”

Wade Miller’s works consist of collage and fragmentation through which he reconstructs the human form.  His illusions delay time through trickery and focused concentration, encouraging viewers to examine and fully appreciate the human figure.

Vesselin Kourtev focuses on human relationships and interactions within global and personal dimensions through vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes.  His abstract world allows viewers to live in the moment.

Judith Leeds incorporates people’s personal lives in her works through depicting facial expressions.  She aims to illustrate the intimate moments that define people and show their beauty.

Mary Ellen Scherl emulates the female body by creating abstract sculptures using metal.  Scherl critically examines the natural female figure in an organic way, connecting viewers and their experiences to their own bodies.

This is the first exhibition at the Alfa Art Gallery open to all media forms, from oil painting, to mixed media, to sculpture representations.  It presents a diverse expression of the physical, emotional, and metaphysical experiences that artists find through the human body.

This event displays a broader array of work than previous exhibitions, drawing artists from not only the New Brunswick, N.J. area, but also from New York


June 27, 2014
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT
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