Exhibition Currently On Display (April 24 — June 16, 2018)

“An Expanse of Expressionism” – New Brunswick Art Salon, Oil Color and Mixed Media 2018 Exhibition Opening

Though expressionism is a substantial theme of our Oil Color & Mixed Media Exhibition, the featured artists at Alfa will boast a wide array of visual aesthetics ranging from the impressionistic to the abstract style that expressionism is renowned for. Charity Henderson’s body of work serves to explores various psychological states through mixed media impressionistic paintings of the human face. Similarly, Debora Thedinga utilizes impressionism in order to manipulate light, color and space thus crafting a landscape that can be viewed successfully through the small window of the canvas. In slight contrast to her fellow featured artists, Tricia Miho offers a more surrealist aesthetic with paintings reminiscent of Salvador Dalí. Her work explores the progression of images and how such progression enables the transformation of metaphysical creations.

Alfa’s Oil Color & Mixed Media Exhibition will also display artworks that are more consistent with expressionism, particularly in the realm of the abstract. Colleen Lineberry’s works celebrate natural beauty as captured through her mind’s eye resulting in in vibrantly colorful motifs presenting near otherworldly landscapes. In a fashion akin to Lineberry’s abstract aesthetic, Enrique Zaldivar … (click here to read more).

Beautiful Space for Your Next Event!

Conveniently located in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey, Alfa Art Gallery is available for art/education events and programs. No matter what type of meeting you’re planning, Alfa Art Gallery has touches to make it private, stylish and unique.

Our prime location and affordable rates make us one of the best venues in town. Click here for more info.


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