Patricia Hynes was a featured artist in our exhibition, “Beyond the Brush”. Patricia Hynes is a New Jersey-based painter whose beautifully enigmatic canvases (i.e such as Just a Walk and Neverland) engage the viewer’s eye, capturing “images when a subject’s psyche is revealed in seemingly ordinary, yet, significant moments that are often overlooked or forgotten.” For Hynes, painting is a deeply self-expressive and reflective medium in which she states that “the finished painting becomes a vehicle for viewers to reflect upon their own lives”, inviting viewers to form their own interpretation of her artworks. In order to create her striking abstract visions, Hynes takes multiple photographs of potential subjects. Hynes asserts that “the finished painting is about the process of painting as much as it is about a visual concept.” Hynes earned a Masters of Fine Arts from Rutgers University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Douglas College. She also spent time teaching Studio Art and Art History, as well as held positions in development and institutional advancement at such renowned museums as the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Cincinnati Art Museum.