This season, Alfa Art gallery opens to showcase watercolor and mixed media works in “After the Charm: In the Name of Autumn”. Alfa’s New Brunswick Art Salon (NBAS) once again will open to feature watercolor artists both native to New Jersey and beyond. The selected artists create a diverse grouping of professionals the group of artists featured in this year’s show presents evocative and innovative uses of watercolor and mixed media to express their vision. Each artist featured, draws on varied inspirations to present their unique viewpoints of the world that surrounds them.

Laura Beard lives and works in Ewing, New jersey she uses many medias in her work to produce a photorealistic style and largely centers her work around birds and animals. She is inspired by the wildlife in her locality, using photo references for much of her work that she has taken herself. Her work focuses on capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the individual. She does so with great detail and a dynamic focus on her subjects. Yet, her works are still personal while they convey a great amount of softness and character from their subjects.