Meet Kathleen Shaver, an artist that sets no restrictions or limits for herself. “My art is best described as a search for the primal” explains Shaver. Kathleen’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures are all inspired by the Lascaux cave painters and their use of pigments on walls. Her variety of tools range from spatulas, palette knives, and rollers, to using her own hands. She also switches from 10 feet tall canvases to 12 inches. Shaver ‘s trick to achieve the best results is to work on multiple paintings at one time and painting faster than she can think.

A unique fact about Kathleen Shaver is that not only did she graduate as an artist, but also as a nurse from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. In 2011, she completed a permanent installation of 27 paintings, The History of Nursing as Seen Through the Lens ofArt, to celebrate 125 years of nursing at Penn. In addition to this, she is also the recipient of numerous awards and has both private and corporate collections.