As a child Yelena Budylin attended school for exceptional students run by the prestigious Russian Academy of Art and later graduated from Roerich School of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, majoring in Painting and Art Restoration. She studied ceramics at the School of Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory, where she worked until immigration to the USA in 1990. Since 1990 she has considered herself a New Yorker, and is trying to combine the difficulties of immigrant life with art. She has had several US exhibits in New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. To quote Yelena, “My mission as an artist is to communicate through color and form my true psychical emotions and spirituality, my journey through Russia, Jerusalem, and New York in consciousness.” Her works are often painted in a style that mixes the geometric forms of cubism with the expressive and vivid color found in Impressionist works. Yelena is also an accomplished art restorer, and has been restoring paintings since the early 1980’s in both Europe and the United States.


By Zachary Ritter


1993  Viewpoint Gallery, 41 Union Square West, New York

1994  Synchronicity Space Gallery, 55 Merser Street, New York, NY

1996  Europa Art Gallery, 6335 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield, Michigan

1997  Oil Painting Exhibition, 47 Murray Street, New York

1998  Two Men Show Synchronicity Space Gallery, 55 Merser Street, New York, NY

1999  Multi-Media Group Exhibition Marlen Gallery, 674 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY

2000 Julius Lowy company exhibition, 223 E. 80th Street, New York, NY

2002 Oil Paintings by Yelena and Nikolay Budylin and ceramics by Yelena Budylin, Riverdale YM-YWHA, 5625 Arlington Avenue, Bronx, New York

2003  Mercy Manhattan Campus (About New York), Art Exhibit : “All Around the Town”

2005 – 2006  Mercy Manhattan Campus (From Traditional Art to Computer Generated Art), Traditional Art and interactive Multimedia: “The Line in Motion: from Pencil to Pixel”

2006  Marina Gallery Cold Spring, New York, — Paintings and Ceramics

2007  Mercy Manhattan Campus 5 Anniversary Exhibitions, Traditional Art and Sound Interpretation

2007  Marina Gallery Cold Spring, New York, — Paintings, Graphics and Ceramics

2008  Joseph Thomas Galleries, 114 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY, Exhibition: “Something About Love”

2008 Moss Halls Galleries, 80 Magee Avenue, Stamford, CT, Exhibition (oil paintings and ceramics)

2008  Julius Lowy company exhibition, 223 E. 80th Street, New York, NY


C. Yevgenia Krichevskad – The Landscapes of the New York Poems – Publishing House: Gelany 2006
Library of Congress Control Number: 2006939075
Leonid Lanskiy – The Footprint on the Water Poems – Publishing House: Oriental Literature Academy of Science of Russia,
Moscow, Russia 2004
Leonid Storchevoy – The Separation Poems – Publishing House:

Ryazan, Russia 2008


1980 – 1984  Nikolay Roerich School of Art-St. Petersburg, USSR
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Major:
1984 – 1987  Private Studio of Painting and Graphic
Professor: Svetlana Fadeenko Fine Arts Major
1984 – 1989  Studied ceramic art at the Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory
Professor: Inna Olevskaya Ñ Ceramic art and decoration on porcelain
Publication: Russian Daily — “Novoe Russcoe Slovo” — April, 30 1996 Ceramic of Yelena Budylin by V. Agafonov
“Yevreiski Mir” vol xi N536, 29-4, September 2002 NY Light, Color and Talent by Margarita Sklyarevskaya
References: Barbara Flam — Director Cultural Arts Rivedale YM-YWHA, 718 5488200 Ext. 233
John Smith-Amato — Director Syncronicity Fine Arts 106W. 13th Street, NYC, 646 230-8199



“Infinite Layers” New Brunswick Art Salon 2013 Part II Water Color Exhibition

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