Artist Statement

Time is one of those tricky aspects of life which one cannot control or even truly grasp. Everything is mutable, changing.  I paint to collect an aspect of a subject and put it to canvas so as to capture both the multifaceted nature of change in the subject as well as a specific moment in time. The creation of a painting takes time; however, the end result is a point in time, stuck, and unchanging for millennia. It is this dichotomy that I try to explore with my work, the dichotomy between the reality of the moment and how we perceive that moment after it has passed.

In painting portraits I prefer to work from photography after having studied the subject for a while in person. In this way, I can capture both the essence of the subject’s changing persona as well as a specific moment in time without having the subject react to the piece of work itself, life, or whatever whimsy that can pass along and change any of us at a moments notice. In this way, I find my portraits and paintings to remind me of my own memories – full of vibrancy and intensity while still being blurred into the edges of reality.

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