Tatiana Soteropoulos

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A former Fulbright Scholar at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Tatiana Soteropoulos has done freelance work for advertising agencies, collaborated with publishing houses, and has illustrated in over 20 children’s books. In 2005, Soteropoulos and fellow artist Eric Maell conceptualized and created the selected design for the first Euro to be issued as national currency for the Republic of Cyprus. The coins were released in January of 2008. Recently, three of Tatiana’s paintings were purchased by a production company for the upcoming motion picture “Eat, Pray, Love”. They will be featured as part of the set design in the movie, scheduled to be released sometime in 2011.

“In the search of finding who I am, whether I walk, leap, run or crawl, I move forward towards a direction and behind me I leave a trail. Perhaps an excess package containing experiences, lies, relationships, truths. One thing is certain…the path left behind, the line.”

– Tatiana Soteropoulos

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