Tatiana L. Sougakova, artist currently residing in Plainsboro NJ, was born in Russia in 1965, where she lived through young adulthood. In 1984 she graduated from Restoration Arts College in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a degree in painted surface restoration. During that time she completed many community projects, including murals for a college residence hall, a mural for a community college lobby in St. Petersburg, a stained glass piece for staircase windows in a community college, and the execution of stained glass imitation design for a cafe in St. Petersburg. She also briefly interned at State Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Upon graduating, she worked as a community center artist for two years where she developed drafts for center decorating, developed concepts for community festivals, and created advertisements for upcoming films and announcement posters.

She furthered her education with a concentration in languages, and earned a degree in linguistics with a minor in the Czech language at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 1991 she and her husband moved to USA, where she became language services director for FOXX Oy USA (branch of a Finnish company). In 2000, Sougakova and her family moved to Plainsboro, NJ where she began to paint again, focusing on acrylic on canvas. Her art may look decorative — it is meant to be enjoyed in the owner’s personal space — but it is also conceptual and woven with many layers of contemplation and analogies by the artist during the creative process.

Tatiana Sougakova’s works have been featured in juried shows and solo shows. Owners of her art come from many different walks of life, and include a physics professor, a classical guitar musician, a jazz guitar musician, a hypnotist, a guitar maker, clergymen, teachers, and doctors — proof that her art has a wide appeal.


2007      The Great Nobel Dreaming (Plainsboro Library, NJ)

2008      Solo show Fabric of Life (Plainsboro Library, NJ)

2009      Mercer County Artist’s Juried Show (MCCC, NJ)

Solo show Fabric of Life (Small World Café, Princeton, NJ)

2011      Mercer County Juried Art show (MCCC, NJ)

The Art of Words (Plainsboro Library, NJ)

When winter comes (South Brunswick Juried exhibit, NJ)

2012      Flippables (Plainsboro library solo exhibit, NJ, USA)

Artsbridge’s 18th annual Juried show (New Hope Arts Center, NJ, USA)

A view from above\A view from below (Plainsboro Library Artists, NJ, USA)

Postmarked 2012 (Claremont, CA, USA)

Dragon Project for Tohoku Japan (Paris school of design, Paris, France)

Outdoor installation, other:

Abstract art speed painting demo (Plainsboro Art Festival 2011)

Art Laundry installation and social experiment (Plainsboro Art Festival 2012) http://flippables.blogspot.com/2012/09/plainsboro-art-festival.html

Community involvement:

West Windsor arts council Art Festival 2010, 2011

Mercer County Community College Art day 2011

Plainsboro arts festival 2006-2012

Plainsboro summer art program 2009-2012


Second prize winner (2007 Festival of the arts challenge, Plainsboro)

Plainsboro Community Artist of the Year (2012)




Web presence:

Web page                               http://www.artistsites.org/sougakova/

Blog                                            http://flippables.blogspot.com/

Youtube channel               http://www.youtube.com/user/Flippables?feature=watch

Art review site                    http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/tatianalsougakova

Small Artworks 

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