Renée Levin "Sun Bay"

Renée Levin “Sun Bay”

Renée W. Levin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 2004. There she was awarded the Paul Robeson Emerging New Artist Award  upon graduating. She also studied art at the College of Fine Arts at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Levin’s close-up and detailed studies of the color and texture of objects like sea shells, tree bark, among others, present intimate views of objects we often encounter in passing. Her intimate rendering of these objects results in works that are at once simple and straightforward, and at the same time atmospheric and expressive. The works allow for such simple subjects as sea shells to be contemplated over for their own expressive potential and aesthetic features, an act that tries to restore a sense of wonder to nature that the artist feels is somewhat lost today. As Levin herself says about her style and process, “I create a dramatic environment in each piece by surrounding the subject matter with a bold backdrop, whether it be glossy black, a metallic gold or a bright yellow, allowing for a powerful contrast. This contrast modernizes the object of nature, resulting in a juxtaposition of the natural subject matter and the modern style of the work. I find that painting singular objects on a larger scale glorifies them, dictating their importance. My fascination with the natural patterns and textures in nature are showcased through use of expressive brushstrokes, exhibiting intense highlights and emphasizing intimate details that may otherwise go unnoticed.”


By Zachary Ritter


“Infinite Layers” New Brunswick Art Salon 2013 Part II Water Color Exhibition




2004  Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Visual Arts, Concentration in Graphic Design


2003  College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales – Sydney, Australia

Study Abroad Program, Fine Art and Graphic Design



March 2012  Lana Santorelli Gallery – Hoboken, NJ

February 2011  The Active Theater Gallery Night – New York, NY

June 2010  Interiors – Freehold, NJ

May 2004  BFA Thesis Show, Mason Gross School of the Arts – New Brunswick, NJ



2004-Present  Seneca Design – New York, NY

Creative Director

2004  By Design – Shrewsbury, NJ

Freelance Artist, Murals for upscale showroom

1999-2003  Marlboro Village Art Studio – Marlboro, NJ

Art Instructor



Michael Reed Memorial Award for the Arts

Monmouth Arts Foundation Merit Award in Art

Paul Robeson Emerging Young Artist Award

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