Dream 1Ralitza Chohadjieva is talanted young artist who graduated from the National Arts Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in Graphics.

Artist Statement

I chose Graphic Arts (black and white drawing and printing) as my high-school speciality based on my discovery that this major expresses my personality better in comparison with painting, wall-painting and sclupture, which I already know well. In 2003 I was admitted as a student in Graphic Arts in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia where I acquired the skills that I can now use in this field.In my artwork, the man is the center of the universe and the reason for everything. Sybolism and the usage of details are my favourite artistic devices. I always search for the graphical image of every idea. Etching is my preferred technique for work because of the gray-tone richness, soft shadings and delicate base (aquatint) that show in the finished artwork. The presented cycle “Metamorphosis” is made with this technique. The idea of the cycle is the conection between man and nature. One of them or the other dominates over different parts of the cycle. I leave to the spectators to decide which element has stronger presence. My most recent interests are towards lithography and the potential in it. “Genealogy” and “Altar” are two cycles in which I used the effect of drawing on stone and the light and shade effect. As the technique is different, so is my approach is different.


2002  Bulgarian Red Cross
2003  “Raina Kabaivanska” Scholarship Contest
2004  “Olympic Games” Group Exhibition
2005  “Mini Print” Group Exhibition
2006  “Mini Print” Group Exhibition
2006  Exhibition in Honor of 110 Years of National Arts Academy “Exlibris”
2007  Exhibition of the Graduates of the National Arts Academy, class of 2007

Alegoria Dream 3
Late Autumn Metamorphosis Three Gracies
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