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Born in Qingdao, China in 1964. Qi Zhang graduated from Shandong Fine Arts Institute and became a professor there until he came to the United States in 1995. His specialties are sketching and oil painting. He is still a visiting professor at Shandong Fine Arts Institute.

His art works have been presented in the United States, Canada, Japan, France and Hong Kong, and collected galleries, museums, and individuals.

Qi Zhang


1995-present  visiting professor at ShanDong Arts Institute.
1990-1991  graduate student, oil painting programs the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China.
1985-1989  bachelor of arts ShanDong University, China.



Qi Zhang

2003  member of Portrait Society of America.
2003  member of Edison Arts Society.
1998  member of Southern Vermont Artists Center.
1996  member of Virginia Art Center.
1994  member of China and Abroad Contemporary Artists Association (Hong Kong).
1991  member of China Artists Association, ShanDong Branch (China).

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