Born in 1954, Pavel Lazarev was gifted artistically throughout his youth. He began his formal studies, however, in 1981 at the “School of 1905” which is a prestigious art school in Moscow. Simultaneously with his studies at school, he studied and worked in design at the art fund of Podolsk. In 1990, he began his career as a professional artist.

Having extensively studied harmony that is found with the use of contrasting and primary colors and the use of texture and feeling a strong connection to Vincent Van Gogh, today he achieves vibrancy and strength in his works as he impressionistically conveys his landscape images to his canvases. His paintings celebrate life and nature through the volume of color stain that makes the subject of the painting more vivid.

Lazarev’s paintings are very time consuming in that he sketches, drafts and studies his subjects at length then approaches his final canvas with an ornamental almost geometrical form using impasto paint. Lazarev is represented in several countries today and his works are in collections worldwide.

  1. April 12, 2022

    We bought one of Pavel’s paintings of the Croatian Coast when we met him whilst we were living in Moscow 2007, and it still brings wonderful life to our house. I really need to know how much his work is worth now for insurance purposes and wonder if you could help?
    The painting canvas is 105 x 80 cm plus frame

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