Pandora Scooter is a spoken-word dynamo whose passionate rhymes and rants thrill and inspire audiences.

Winner of the 2008 SpokenKnowledge DNC Contest for her piece OTHER.  Featured in CURVE MAGAZINE’s OUT IN FRONT series and on the Gay Center of NY’s OUT AT THE CENTER television show, Pandora performs up and down the East Coast.  She’s been put into categories including everything from stand-up comedy to hip-hop to folk poet to performance artist. Her work defies conventional labels, just as she does herself.

A self-identified QUEERMAMASAPIEN, Pandora is pro-people, in all their glorious individualizations. She is an unyielding advocate on behalf of misfits and ‘fits,’ of all walks and talks.

Pandora has performed at venues including: NJPAC’s HIP HOP: OUT, LOUD & PROUD as well as NJPAC’s Hip Hop Festival 2 and 3, Philly Queer Rock Show, PhaseFest (Washington DC) Baltimore Pride, Mississipi’s OUToberfest, Capitol Rainbowfest (Trenton, NJ’s Pride Celebration), Cornelia Street Cafe’s Pink Pony Series (NYC), Nuyorican Youth Slam (NYC), as well as featuring at numerous open-mics throughout New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

“I believe the world needs as much connection between people as possible. I’m out here to connect with as many people as I can – and to let people know it’s ok to connect with each other. To let them know that it’s ok to be everything they are and want to be – in all the complexities and confusions that make life what it is: one big, crazy, beautiful messy love storm.”

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MILESTONES:  What the Heck Are We Doing with our Lives???

A septology of audience-integrated solo shows about the milestones in our lives.  Written and performed by Pandora Scooter, these shows will be presented in chronological order from birth to graduation to marriage to birthdays to divorce to retirement to death.  Each show will ask the question: how do we process and celebrate milestones.  With humor and insight, passion and perspective, Pandora Scooter will guide the audience through a unique experience: exploring the meaning of milestones in our lives.

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