About Noreen Dean Dresser

Noreen Dean Dresser investigates human agency. Her art examines the fire escape aftermath of global climate, human enterprise, and human will. Using a simple format of postage to give the viewer pause. Her experiences in the National Service for 32 years and her active involvement in social causes have afforded Noreen’s Art practice a unique observation between Civil, social, and scientific interest. Dresser addresses environmental concerns amidst large storm systems. Noreen has exhibited in the tri-state, California, and Europe and is the Director of Parlour 153, a visual and performing arts salon in Harlem.


New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – “The Space Between” – Women’s Caucus for Art New York City Chapter

Artist Personal Website: https://www.noreendeandresser.com

Email: noreendeand@gmail.com

Artist Statement

My drawings examine both the communal and the individual. They exist in the tension born of wood and fire.  Twine that usually binds was unspooled with matches onto the paper.  These small twine circles of the disparate unraveling met live fire. Shadowing like the odds of the virus, the burned disembodied twine cast barely traceable hairs throughout the field of the paper. Depending on the fire and where it moved, consuming the twinethe matches were litIndividual matches in community clusters are drawn in and out of the physical immediacy of fire.   

 The Psalms conceptually informed these compositions of fire with questions of death, destruction, harmful intent, protection, and grace.  These ancient questions span the centuries and are the spoken comfort at Covid-19 burials.  Afforded an opportunity to be in Congregation Beth Simchat Torah Psalm study with Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum; I find, responsibility and choice are threaded through the prism of the infinite and the now. The ancient text questions the human community and what decisions await our path. Questions of political power, vast non-essential consumption, and plastic waste raise the spectrum of evil. Considering evil, the Wisdom Psalm text warns us do not listen, do not follow, and do not join.  These questions of choice confront the leadership on our pandemic news and the individuals





2016“Edges in Eternity”, City College of New York, NY 

2010“Edges in Eternity- the Oil/Water Storm Studies”, New York, NY 

2009“Queer Memorial/Memory in Nazi Germany”,  

The Center Permanent Collection, New York, NY 

2008James Peterson Bronx VA Chapel- Permanent Collection  

2005 Interpenetrating Subjectivities- Casa Frela Gallery, New York, NY 

2003 Dangerous Lovers: The Far Right Penetrating a Democracy – Invitational Exhibition and Public Conversation, Center Gallery, New York, NY 

1999Gay Memorial Day, New York, NY 

1997“Queer Memorial/Memory in Nazi Germany”, La Mama’s Gallery, New York, NY 

1995Special Installation Holocaust Service, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, New York, NY 

1994Special Installation Inter-Faith Holocaust Service, Los Angeles, CA 

1993The School of Theology at Claremont, Claremont, CA 

1992 Dayton Art, Dayton, Ohio 

1992San Francisco State University 

1991 Stanford University “Openings in a Wall” 

1990Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco “Creation Myths for an Age of Despair” 

1989Institute of Buddhist Studies, General Theological Union, Berkeley 

1988Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco “Alpha Omega at Once” 

Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Menlo Park, CA 

  1. Bade Museum, Berkley “Personally Yours” 

Self portraits as personal ad all genders   

  1. Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA  “Pages on Forever”  

1984West Gallery, Claremont, CA “The Eternal Now” 

1980The Women’s Building, Los Angeles 




2020The Space Between: Questions of Place in Times of Uncertainty curator Jeanne BrasileAlfa Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ 

2020Signs of the Times, National Juried Exhibition Joanne Matters, NY. NY 

2019Endangered Earth curated Ann Shapiro and Marsha Annenbeg CERES Gallery NY, NY 

2019Wish you were here: Immigration A.I.R Gallery, NY, NY 

2019Bridging the Gap: All Nation of Art, AIR Gallery, NY NY 

2018Boricua College, NYC, NY 

2018City College of New York, NY curator Misha McGlown 

2017Glimpses of Grace in the City, Maria Liu Wong/Anthony Artist curators, Walls-Ortiz Gallery and Center, New York, New York  

2017 Allusions, JCC Harlem, Invitational, New York, New York 

2015Harlem Open Studio 

2014Harlem Open Studio 

2013Curate New York, K Feirtag, Guest Curator, On-Line Exhibition 

2013Provocateur, New York, New York 

2012Spirit of Community: Art and Activism, Invitational, Interchurch Center, New York, NY 

2012Small, Art in Flux Gallery, New York, NY 

2012Distressed, Boricua College, New York, NY 

2012Arsenal Gallery, Central Park Invitational, New York, NY 

2012Metamorphosis, Invitational Poet’s Den, New York, NY 

2012Knox Gallery, New York, NY 

2011TALLER BORICUA Gallery, New York, NY 

2011HOAST Invitational, New York, NY 

2009     HOAST Invitational, New York, NY 

2008     HOAST Invitational, New York, NY 

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2006Water, Casa Frela Gallery, New York, NY 

2005Air Gallery Invitational, New York, NY 

2005Harlem Open Annual Study Tour, New York, NY 

2005 Jazz Harlem, New York, NY 

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2003 The Symbol: A Source of Empowerment, Oakland Invitational 

Craft and Cultural Arts Gallery, Oakland CA 

2003Air Gallery Invitational, New York, New York 

2002     Exit Art, New York, New York  

2002The Dark Mother, Invitational, San Francisco, CA 

2002Air Gallery Invitational, New York, NY 

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Puffin Foundation Juried Exhibition, NJ 

1997Queer Memory Berlin, Visual Information on Ideology of the Right 

Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY 

1996“Memorial” Holocaust Installation “ Queer Memorial/Memory in Nazi Germany”  

Satellite exhibition for the Quilt in the Capital, Washington DC    

“Sex Sells” Invitational-Rinaldo Hopf, Berlin, Germany 

 Holocaust Installation “ Queer Memorial/Memory in Nazi Germany”  

Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, New York, New York   

1995“In The Black” Invitational-Myrella Moses, California State University, Los Angeles  

1994Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

“In The Black” Invitational- Myrella Moses, Center for the Arts, Irvine, CA 

“Get Back” Invitational- East Gallery, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont CA 

“On Site” Juried Invitational- Josine Starrels, Angels Gate, San Pedro, CA  

1993DADA Invitational, Los Angeles, CA 

“Reshaping Los Angeles, the Search for Inclusion/In Praise of Diversity” 

Will Hipps, AGCU Executive Director and Stella Vognar, LAHC Gallery, curators. 

  Angels Gate Cultural Center Gallery, San Pedro, CA   

“Issues of Oppression” Miriam Shaperio curator, Honorable Mention, Orange County Contemporary Arts Center, CA 

1992Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco, “Angels” 

Invitational, Heraklion, Crete, Greece  

University of California, Northridge, Los Angeles.”Communitas” 

Juried Invitational, Dayton Area Visual Arts Center, Dayton, Ohio 

1991Private Viewing, San Carlos, CA Institute for the Living Arts, San Francisco, CA 

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Hatley Martin Gallery, “Environmental Alert” 

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Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco 

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Bay Area Survey, San Francisco 

The Claremont Graduate School, Alumni Show 

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William Grant Still Community Art Center, Los Angeles 

1979Watts Towers Art Center, Los Angeles 

San Bernardino College Gallery 

Charles Mingus Jazz Festival, Los Angeles1979 

William Grant Still Gallery, Los Angeles “Instructors Show”


1984The Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA MFA 

1977Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio 

1975Academia Belle Arte, Perugia Italy Studio, Art History  

1974Aegean School of Fine Arts, Paros, Greece Studio, Art History 

Urban School of Design, New Town Planning Scandinavia, Netherlands and Great Britain 

Artist Interview