About Michael Price 

Michael Price questions the psychological relationship between imagination and reality, fixating on the archetypes of myths and religions. He seizes on the quintessential imagery that transcends cultural barriers, seeing these trends as the spark of inspiration. His paintings and reliefs use natural pigments hand-ground from rocks and crystals, his palette reminiscent of the Renaissance painters. In his reliefs, figures burst from the picture’s plane to highlight the tension between illusion and materiality, while triptychs and paneled works investigate the functionality and limitations of the poetic narrative. He graduated from Stoke-on-Trent College of Art with a pre-degree Foundation Course and earned a BA with honors from London Central School of Art and Design (now Central St. Martins). Along with exhibiting his works in the United States and Europe, Price contributed to and published research on mineral pigment production 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2023 – Watercolor and Mixed Media: “See the Forest for the Trees”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2014 – Mixed Media and Oil Painting: “Eclectic Aesthetics” 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 – Water Color and Mixed Media: “Transfiguration of the Form” 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Winners: “Resonant Becoming” 

Artist Personal Website: http://www.michaelprice.info/ 

Artist Personal Email: artmprice@gmail.com 

Artist Statement 

The central theme of my figurative work explores the psychological relationship between the imagination and the phenomenal world through the archetypal images of myths and religions. The imagination ignites the archetypes which are embodied in all spiritual and numinous experiences. The paintings and relief works are executed with natural color, hand-ground from rocks and crystals. The “chromatic” figure and nude transcend the restrictions of realism. The reliefs consist of life-size figures which emerge from the picture plane highlighting the tension between illusion and a physical presence. Triptychs and four panel works investigate the limits and function of a “poetic” narrative 


Solo Exhibitions 

2018: Rosalie “Roz” Steiner Art Gallery, Batavia, New York, U.S.A. 

2017: Walter Wickiser Gallery (Jan./Feb. 2017), New York, NY, U.S.A. Catalogue 

2015: Walter Wickiser Gallery (Oct. 2015). Catalogue 

2010: Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. 

2009: Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York. Catalogue 

2005: Henry Gregg Gallery, Brooklyn, New YorkFGS Gallery, Englewood, New Jersey 

2003:David Findlay Galleries, New York  

2002: Post Gallery, Houston, Texas 

2000: Post Gallery, Houston, Texas 

1998: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Catalogue 

1997: Post Gallery, Houston, Texas  

1996: Post Gallery, Houston, Texas 

1989: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt am Main, GermanyGalerie am Theaterplatz, Erlangen, GermanyGalerie Friedrich, Cologne, Germany 

1988: Galerie Friedrich, Cologne, Germany. Catalogue 

1985: Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich, Germany. Catalogue 


Group Exhibitions

2019: “Narrative and Illusion” Art League of Rhode Island, Providence, R.I. 

2018: Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

2017: Art Mora, Summer Group Show, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. 

2015: “ArtExchange“, College Art Association Conference, New York. 

2014: Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

2013: Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York (four person show titled “Figure Variations”, Catalogue) 

2011: Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, New Jersey 

2010: Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York Catalogue Henry Gregg Gallery, Brooklyn, New York Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, New Jersey Catalogue 

2009: Toronto International Art Fair (Walter Wickiser Gallery) 

2008: Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York (four person, “Just the Figure”)Henry Gregg Gallery, New York 

2005: Post Gallery, Houston, Texas, (four person) 

2001: Organization of Independent Artists, New York (group) 

1996: ‘Paros’, Paron, France. (3 painters & 1 sculptor) Catalogue‘18th Hollfelder Sommeraustellung’, Bayreuth, Germany (group) 

1993: ‘Six International Artists’, Montague Art Galleries Inc., New York 

1989: Galerie Friedrich, Cologne, ‘Line-art’ (group) 

1988: Galerie Friedrich, Cologne, (group)1985:‘Art Cologne’, Galerie von Braunbehrens 

1984: ‘Kunst Salon’, Haus der Kunst (Museum of Modern Art), Munich Catalogue Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich (group) 

1983: ‘Kunst Salon’, Haus der Kunst, Munich Catalogue(group)Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich (group) 

1982: Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich (group) 

1981: ‘Trends 81’, Mall Galleries, London (group)‘Drawing Show’, Loggia Gallery, London (group)‘Kunst Salon’, Haus der Kunst, Munich Catalogue(group)Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich (group) 

Artist Interview 

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