About Marcene Glover

Marcene Glover paints and exhibits internationally, focusing on life’s dualities, and breaking through barriers. Her work is commissioned by U.S. Members of Congress, and hangs in permanent collections of museums, universities, congressional offices, federal courtrooms, and a congressional library. She painted government officials at live sittings from Nevada to New York City to Washington D.C. and Rhode Island creating and exhibiting a one person show, and facilitating residencies based on the exhibition.

Her work was implemented into Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art Education Program. Glover’s painting perspective is shaped through years of experience as Courtroom Artist, Congressional Portrait Artist, Arts in Wellness Painter, and Cultural Arts Curator, ranging in activities from helping heal and inspire chronic pain patients to incarcerated youth, to representing many rich cultural traditions, to interviewing and collaborating with Congressional members and civil rights leaders, aesthetically representing their issues. 

lover enjoys exhibiting and painting in Southern France and Florence Italy, and commutes regularly between NYC and Pennsylvania. She is working with a curator in Tokyo developing her exhibit and outreach arts in Asia. These collaborative experiences inspired Glover to form Windscape Artventures, sharing her studios for residencies and professional development mentorship. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – “The Space Between” – Women’s Caucus for Art New York City Chapter

Artist Personal Website: www.marcenegloverart.com

Email: studioglover@gmail.com  

Artist Statement

I layer acrylic, oil, gold leaf, and sometimes wax under glazes, carving back into the wax to add texture. Calm areas for contemplation join the active textures, embracing a stillness within the greater motion. Fluid washes of paint refer to the idea of wind, movement all around us, shifting perspective, passing of time, and the transient nature of each moment.  Rhythmic patterns mimic patterns in nature and rhythms in community. Undulating marks pulse through a scene to connect us to awareness of currents in our lives. I don’t paint the olive tree; I paint about the olive tree…suggesting the way it grows and shifts the earth while it is in turn being affected by the wind and its surroundings (a metaphor for us affecting and being affected by community). 
A lost sense of home is showing up in my work. Gone is the shelter, safety, security of belonging…as our country’s failed leadership pulled us out of the climate accord, and inflicts inhumane policies. Childhood innocence is swept away, lost with the cruel border treatment that is tearing families apart. We see deterioration, separation, and amidst this spiraling vortex, we now shut down, shelter in place, from the pandemic. So I portray people returning to commune in nature, searching for more kind and intelligent answers as we cocoon toward a better emergence.     


2021 – solo exhibition “On the Water”, Tokyo. gallery TBA
2020 – eight person show, “Made in New York”, Avelon’Arts, Lavelanet, France
2019 – Dacia Gallery NYC Residency Exhibit, 53 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002
2019 – “Women Who Say It Large”, 3 person exhibit, Ceres Gallery 547 West 27th St Suite 201 New York, NY
2019 – “Global Tales” International eight person traveling show, at galleries in NYC and Oslo Norway
2018 – eight person show, “Made in New York”, Avelon’Arts, Lavelanet, France
2018 – eight person show, “Arts France Inspiration 81430”
2018 – Studio Works exhibit, Bottle Works Arts on 3rd, PA
2018 – Women’s Caucus for Art New York Chapter “Pleasures of the Earth” juried group exhibition Callahan Gallery, St. Francis college, 180 Remsen Street Brooklyn Heights, NY
2017 – solo exhibition, La Machina di San Cresci, Greve in Chianti, Italy
2017 – Exposure, solo exhibition; “Talismans in Tuscan Sky” Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
2017 – Women’s Caucus for Art New York Chapter “Subjective” juried group exhibition New York Riverside Public Library, 65th at Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY
2017 – NYC in Cambria City; SEEING BEYOND – 5 solo shows. Bottle Works Arts on 3rd Avenue
2017 – Studio Residency Artists Exhibition. Art Works Building, Arts on 3rd
Traveling – Freedom 58 Project Faces Nationally Touring Exhibit of International Artists’ portraits to end human trafficking. This portrait collection continues to travel, from Nevada, to Kansas, California, and further.
2016 – Exposure, solo exhibition; “Finding Talismans” Ceres Gallery, NY, NY 547 West 27th St Suite 201 New York, NY 10001
2016 – “Finding Talismans” Marcene Glover solo Invitational exhibit. Laurel Arts, Philip Dressler Galleries, PA
2016 – “Wish You Were Here; Make a Splash” group exhibition. A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 155, Plymouth Street, Brooklyn NY
2016 – “Illustrations” with Support Programming. Bottle Works Arts on 3rd Avenue, PA
2016 – Marcene Glover’s Residency Exhibit with Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
and Conemaugh Health System Arts for Healing. at Mount Aloysius College Wellness Center Gallery
2015 – Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Marcene Glover – Sarene Friedman Healing Arts Residency
Exhibition with Conemaugh Health System, John P Murtha Neuropain Center chronic pain and autism disorder spectrum clients
2013-14 Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art Exhibition with Conemaugh Arts in Healing, with John P Murtha Neuropain Center chronic pain patients
2013 – WOMEN IN CHARGE! international group exhibit. SOHO20 CHELSEA, NY, NY
2012 – BACKLASH international group exhibit. SOHO20 CHELSEA, NY, NY
2010-11 – “Calm Energy”solo Invitational Exhibition. Bottle Works Arts on 3rd
2010 – “ColorStream” solo exhibition. Jenner Art Gallery, PA
2001-2010 – Faces In Government Traveling Solo Exhibition of Congressional Portraits
2010 – FACETS IN CULTURE Solo exhibition. Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center
2009 – CULTURAL IDENTITY 2 person exhibition with Dominic Marcigliano. Krause Gallery, Providence RI
2008 – FACETS IN LEADERSHIP Solo exhibition. Harlan Gallery, Seton Hill University
2008 – Dr. Robert Ketterer Charter School for Disruptive Youth Residency. Seton Hill University Exhibition
2008 – “INSECT INVITATIONAL” invitational group exhibition. B SQUARE Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2003 – Japanese American Watercolors international group invitational exhibit
2002 – Solo exhibition. Conemaugh Memorial Gallery
2002 – Solo Cafe Exhibition. Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, PA
2000 – “Portrait of Life” 2 Person exhibition with Dorie Sheridan. Golhaber-Fend Gallery, PA
1999 – “Portrait of Innocence” Solo exhibition. Mt Aloysius University

Glover also exhibited in several Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art Biennials.


2010-12 Allied Artists of Johnstown Awards
2007 Somerset County Artists Association Exhibit at Laurel Arts, Philip Dressler Center for Arts
2006 Regional Exhibit, Laurel Highlands Arts Association
2004 awarded Best in Show by Juror John L. Vanco, Erie Art Museum, at Allied Artists of Johnstown


Seton Hill University, Studio Arts-Painting
Fresco Painting with Master Artist Emanuele Capozza, Florence Italy
Touchstone Center for Crafts-metal and glass
Drawing Apprenticeship with Kamans Art, Ohio
Fibers Apprenticeship with Designer Lauren Helfand, Latrobe PA