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Like Trains & Taxis @ Alfa, Dec 13, 2008

Touting a sound that’s one part soul, one part pop, one part jazz…and a dash of rock and roll tossed in for good measure, Like Trains & Taxis has the unique ability to inspire audiences, young and old, regardless of their musical preferences. Their style, described by the band as “Indie Soul”, is a perfect example of how music can be intelligent, artistic, and meaningful, while still being accessible, and fun.

In a little over a year, Like Trains & Taxis has evolved into one of the most promising new bands on the east cost. During that time they’ve played nearly 100 shows in 8 different states, developing a reputation not only for their fiercely original music, but for their dynamic, if not hypnotic, live show. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Like Trains & Taxis was recently nominated for 3 Asbury Music Awards including: Best Pop Band, Best Male Vocalist, and Best Keyboard player.

At the heart of the band is the songwriting of lead singer Chris Harris, whose pursuit of the song as “art object” informs Like Trains & Taxis’ underlying sincerity; a characteristic that has become the backbone of their style, even in its most esoteric moments. The songs are then taken to the next level by Owen Susman and Mike Del Priore, whose musicianship and vision bring the music to life, inspiring the entire band, as a collective, to color the final arrangements. The end result is a sound that at times recalls classic era Steve Wonder, while proudly owning the influence of Radiohead, and the “post genre” ideology of the 21st century.

With the independent release of their self titled debut EP in December (2008), Like Trains & Taxis look to stake their claim as one of 2009’s artists to watch. The songs on the EP, completely self produced, reflect the promise of a band who’s only scratching the surface of their potential. With that in mind, Like Trains & Taxis are preparing to hit stages and radio stations across the country with the ambition of doubling their touring schedule of a year ago, and releasing their first full length record next summer.

Although the road will be far from easy, the goal remains simple…to make music that moves people: physically, emotionally, and intellectually; while striving to challenge, in both form and context, the parameters of the song, and what it means to be expressive.

With their penetrating grooves, haunting melodies, and thoughtful, if not introspective lyrics, Like Trains & Taxis take the word “Soul” well beyond its traditional and contemporary musical definitions, and bring it to a space that is both familiar, and uniquely their own.

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