Judy Ballance spent her early years growing up in California; this is where she discovered her talent for art. She took these inclinations to college, where she studied this field. Her focuses include illustration, graphic design, and computer science at Ducret School of the Arts, New School of Fine and Industrial Art, and Pratt Institute. She has also spent time attending fine arts workshops led by distinguished artists across the country. She finds pleasure in travel, and is inspired by the enlightening experiences offered by new cultures. During a short-lived move to Nebraska, she became captivated by watercolor painting because of its spontaneity. From that point on, she has been cultivating her work in that medium. After moving around the country several times for her husband’s job in the Air Force, Judy has settled in New Jersey, where she has lived with her family for the last thirty two years. 

By Linda Rosenblum



“Reflection” Water Color Group Exhibition


“Quiet Monents” New Brunswick Art Salon 2013 Part I Water Color Exhibition

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