Jordan Ivanov —

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Artist Statement

“I wish, and hope, to capture the vibrations of the status quo reconsidered and transformed by subjectivity. My goal is to gather in layers the patina of memories that will come true and of future events that we have forgotten.
I would like my paintings to speak to the innermost parts of the soul, to pull the most sensitive strings, and to help people establish harmonies with their true identities.”


1996  M.F.A. in Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria


2003-present  Production artist of Mardi Gras Festival, New Orleans, LA


2008  Daley Center – Chicago, IL
2008  Bashime Gallery – Salzburg, Austria
2007  Daley Center – Chicago, IL
2006  Gallery Bienvenu – New Orleans, LA
2006  Curb Gallery – New York, NY
2005  TZ Gallery – Chicago, IL
2005  ARC Gallery – Chicago, IL
2005  Sylvia Schmidt Gallery – New Orleans, LA
2005  First Presbyterian Gallery – Fort Wayne, IN
2005  One to One Studio Lafayette LA
2005  Brooklyn Public Library, New York, NY
2004  Duque Art Center – New Orleans, LA
2004  TZ Gallery – Chicago, IL
2004  Sylvia Schmidt Gallery – New Orleans, LA
2004  Curb Gallery – New York, NY
2003  Spiegel Gallery – Vienna, Austria
2003  Sylvia Schmidt Gallery – New Orleans, LA

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