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Joseph Kilrain is a hands-on creative director. In the game for over a decade, he’s created more than just remarkable strategic designs, successful campaigns, and wonderful works of art.

Joey Kilrain has been telling stories through his art work his whole life. His topics are usually about Corporate America, Friends and Family, and his life adventures. Thus producing an eclectic body of work; his whimsical paintings and raw uncut visuals from his diary. Both of Joey’s styles are full of energy and easy to approach.

Green Wave Artist Statement

“Being Green has been a way of life for me ever since I was a little boy. Coming from a poor working class family in South Philadelphia the only means I had to produce my art was with materials I found. At first stealing markers and spray paint for graffiti seemed to be the perfect fit until a hard lesson left me with a broken heart and a sore body. I moved on to card board boxes and old copy books which were great but were not giving my 110% satisfaction. It wasn’t until the idea of stretching canvas on an old window frame that I felt I was on the right path. With old bed sheets in hand I started to craft perfect canvases to paint on from items destined for land fills.

Now with nearly all of my materials coming from recycled means my art work leaves a soft ecological footprint and a great story for society. — Joey Kilrain”

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Joseph Kilrain

St Paulus
Bartending Cross Streets Forever November
The Hardest Decision
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