Jivko Jeliazkov is a renowned sculptor whose works are found in prestigious collections all around the world. Originally from Bulgaria, he is especially well known in Paris, France, where he has lived and worked since 1990. His architectural compositions are full of life and movement, with themes revolving around man’s evolution and transcendental fate. With a delicate balance between traditional matters and contemporary forms, Jivko’s sculptures seduce the viewer’s subconscious. He captures wild and primitive energies with his soft and angular geometry, leaving us heavily humanistic pieces teaming with mythological meaning.



Sculptor, Jivko is born it February 14 1963. It studies with Sofia, then with Prague where it exposes from 1987. In 1992, it settles with Paris where it chooses French nationality. Its sculpture, at the same time lyric, imaginative and plentiful by details, takes as a starting point the large myths Western antiquity, legends and traditions contemporary world, but Eastern Europe as as its vision baroque decline in unstable balance. Its sculpture, which falls under the purest European tradition, is incontestably anchored in our time.


Solo Exhibitions

1987 Theatre of the puppets, Prague Czechoslovakia Ferrovier Palate, Prague
1988 Thermal hotel Karlovy, Czechoslovakia.
1989 Palate of the Culture, Prague, Czechoslovakia
1990 Gallery Centrum, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Gallery J.A.Buci, Paris
Gallery Space 17, Paris


MAC 2000, Large Palate, Paris
Gallery Bernanos, Paris


Moet & Chandon hotel, presented by Assoctiation Renoir, Epernay
House of Vine, Renoir Room, Essoyes.


Gallery Frontage, presented by Assoiation Renoir and Moet & Chandon, Paris
MAC 2000, Space Eiffel Branly, Paris


Gallery Universe of Bronze, Paris
Gallery Mischkind, Lille


Orangery of the Castle, Sucy-in-Brie
MAC 2000, Space Eiffel Branly, Paris


Gallery Claudine Legrand, Paris


Gallery Universe of Bronze, Paris
MAC 2000, Auteuil Space, Paris 


Gallery Art Comparison, Nantes
Mischkind gallery, Andre Masson and Jivko, Lille 

2000 Gallery De Hazelaar, Soest, Netherlands

Devaux champagne, Field of Villeneuve
MAC 2000, Auteuil Space, Paris


Vault Goncourt library, vintage Art 2002, the Bar-on-Seine
Town hall of the Nogent-on-Seine
Gallery “Universe of Bronze”, Paris


Gallery “Cape Art”, Lake Genvalle, Brussels
Gallery “Art Comparison”, Baule
Gallery “Eric Dumont”, Troyes

2004 House of XVIe, the Bar-On-Seine 

Museum Haus Ludwig Saarlouis, Germany
Gallery “Claude Morellon”, Toulouse
Gallery “Mischkind”, Lille 

2006 Orangery of the Senate, Garden of Luxembourg, Paris
“Around the largest stained glass “Peace “”, Vault of the cordeliers and monumental presentation of several sculpture in the city, Sarrebourg
Gallery “Run Saint-Pierre”, Geneva, Switzerland
2007 Gallery “Eric Dumont” as well as the Museum of Modern arts, the museum of the tools and the Museum of Saint-Wolf for Monumental Works, Troyes


Group Exhibitions


S.I.A.C., Strasbourg
Living room of Contemporary art, Angers
Triennial European of the Sculpture, Botanical garden, Paris


Biennial of sculpture CUS 92, Issy-les-Moulineaux
Gallery Mischkind, Lille
Living room of Contemporary art, Angers 


Living room of Autumn, Branly Quay, Paris


Europ living room’ Art, Fardel Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
Living room of Contemporary art, Angers
Gallery Bernanos, Paris
Biennial of contemporary art, Wimereux


Sculpture in the city, Vittel
Gallery Vendôme, Paris
Living room of Contemporary art, Courbevoie


Living room of the animalist artists, the Bry-on-Marne


Living room of Contemporary art, Nemours
Gallery Got, Barbizon
Living room Art and Music, the Bry-on-Marne
Sérignan gallery, Art Nimes, Nimes


Fair of Contemporary art, Ghent, Belgium
Gallery Minotaure, Renoir Association, Paris
Mischkind gallery, Seven artists out of the commun run
Living room of Contemporary art, Art-Metz, Metz



1987 Prize of sculpture, Academy of the Art schools, Prague, Czechoslovakia 
1989 Prize of sculpture, Centers Youth, Orlik, Czechoslovakia
1990 Prize of the Jury of the Best Sculptor, Living room of Spring, Co.-Genviève-of-Wood
1991 Prize of the Jury of the Best Sculptor, Living room Route 91, Levallois-Perret

Prize and Stock Exchange of Renoir Association
Prix Art Dialogues, Biennale of sculpture CUS 92, Issy-les-Moulineaux

1993 Prize Knew Brothers Founders, Paris

Prize Charles Oulmont, Foundation of France
Prize of Sculpture, National Living room of the Animalist Artists, the Bry-on-Marne

1997 Prize of Sculpture, Living room of Contemporary art, Dreux
1999 Medal of Vermeil of Arts, Sciences & Letters, under the aegis of the French Academy, Paris
2001 President of the demonstration Road of Art, Department of the Paddle
2002 Guest of honor of the Living room of Contemporary art of Garches
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