Jinnie May, French Light II

Jinnie May, French Light II

Jinnie May has always had an appreciation for art, but it wasn’t until she retired in 2000 that she began to seriously pursue art. Currently Jinnie is interested in the use of watercolor for its spontaneity, portability, and indecisiveness. Her initial inspiration comes from studying California Watercolor artists from the 1940’s and 50’s, who painted genre paintings on large paper using big brushes and bold colors. From her holidays spent traveling around the United States and Europe, she has acquired a taste for a wide range of subject matter from city and seascapes, to architecture. In her paintings, she tries to give life to old buildings in a city and urban scene. Jinnie attributes her distinct style to being slightly askew, both in sight and insight.

Her deliberate disregard of perspective in her buildings adds a touch of her personality and gives the buildings a whimsical feel.


By: Angelica Villa


“Quiet Moments” New Brunswick Art Salon 2013 Part I Water Color Exhibition




Jinnie May, La-Bicyclette-Rouge

Jinnie May, La-Bicyclette-Rouge

Elected Member-Art Associations

North East Watercolor Society (NEWS)
Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club (CLWAC)
Philadelphia Water Color Society (PWCS)
 New Jersey Water Color Society -1st Vice President 2013 (NJWCS)
Garden State Watercolor Society (GSWS) 
Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS)

 Associate Member-Art Associations

Allied Artists of America (AAA)
American Watercolor Society (AWS)
National Watercolor Society (NWS)



Award of Excellence-EWCC-February

Special Recognition -Mixed Media Category-Light ,Space,Time Gallery-Feb.


Jinnie May, Just Because...

Jinnie May, Just Because…

The Connecticut Pastel Society Award – AAA-November

The Pat and Richard Morgan Award- NEWS-October

Honorable Mention-Tewksbury Historical Society -October

The Pat and Richard Morgan Award-GSWS-October

American Frame Award -BWS-September

Award of Merit-EWCC-September

Award of Excellence-GSWS Members-May

Honorable Mention-NJWCS Members-May

Award of Merit -EWCC*-April

Award of Excellence-EWCC*-February

Award of Excellence-MSHAC*-January

Jinnie May, French Light II

Jinnie May, French Light II



Award of Excellence-NJWCS Members-November

Best in Show-MSHAC*-October

Award of Excellence-EWCC*-October

Norman Webb Memorial Award-NJWCS-Sept.

Best in Show-EWCC-Sept.

Harry C. Hobbs Jr. Memorial Award -GSWC-August

Award of Excellence-EWCC-June

Edith Strange Memorial Award -BWS-March
Award of Excellence-EWCC-Feb.


Third Place-Landscapes-Tewksbury Historical Society Oct.
The Nummie Warga Memorial Award(NJWCS)-Oct.
The Frank Nofer Memorial Award (PWCS)-Oct.
The Charles Tice Award (Skylands)-Sept.
Award of Merit -Millburn-Short Hills Art Center (M-SHAC)-Sept.
Honorable Mention-Millburn-Short Hills Art Center (M-SHAC)- July
Award of Excellence-Millburn-Short Hills Art Center (M-SHAC)-July
Merit Award Watercolor-Salmagundi Club-July
Award of Merit-EWCC-April
Award of Excellence-EWCC-Feb.
Winsor-Newton Award-AAA-Nov.
Xylem Award-NEWS-Oct.
Award of Excellence-EWCC -Oct.
Silver Medal of Honor-NJWCS-Sept.
Award of Excellence-SAA-July
Best in Show-AAR-May
Edith Strange Memorial Award -BWS-March
Harriet Kaftanic Memorial Award- GSWS-March
Award of Excellence-EWCC-Feb.

A Friend’s Award-GSWS-Nov.
Best in Show -EWCC Nov.
Best of Tewksbury- Tewksbury Historical Society-Oct.
Best in Show-AAR May
Best in Show-EWCC May
Award of Excellence-EWCC Feb.
Award of ExcellenceAnnual Juried Show Jan.-SAA
Best in Show-Tewksbury Historical Society Sept.
First Place-Flowers-Tewksbury Historical Society Sept.
NJWCS Award for an Associate Member.
 Best in Show-EWCC Sept.
          Award of Excellence-AAR May
          Award of Excellence-EWCC Feb.
          Award of Excellence-NJWCS Associate Show May

* Millburn-Short Hills Art Center-MSHAC

*EssexWater Color Club-EWCC

Recent Highlights

Jury of Selection -NEWS-August-2012

Allied Artists of America 99th Juried Exhibition-2012

National Watercolor Society 92 Annual Juried Exhibition-2012

Published Abstracts A Walk into Abstracts Vol.#3-2012

Elected Member of the North East Watercolor Society-2011
Elected Member of The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club-2011

Elected member of The Philadelphia Water Color Society-August (Award)-2010
Salmagundi Club Non-Members Show July 2010 (Award)
New Jersey Water Color Society 67th Annual Open Show, Monmouth , NJ 2009 (Award)
The Allied Artists of America 96th Annual Exhibition NYC, 2009 (Award)
North East Watercolor Society 33rd Annual International Exhibition, Kent ,CT 2009 (Award)
2009 GSWS  40th Annual Open Juried Exhibition,Stockton,NJ(Award)
2009 Baltimore Watercolor Society’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Juried Annual Watercolor Exhibition (Award)
2009-Elected Member-BWS
2008-Elected Member GSWS
2008-Elected Member NJWCS
2008-Elected Member Landscape Artists International
2008-Best of Watercolor Artists.com


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