Jack Quinn -Island LightJack Quinn, a resident of Morris Plains, New Jersey, is a nationally recognized watercolorist and wood craftsman.  In recent works, he has begun combining his painting and building talents in his new series of artworks involving wood panels.  He uses an eclectic range of paints and subjects to compliment the natural qualities of the wood when composing his pieces.  Jack is the recipient of numerous awards, such as the 2012 Best in Historic Category at the New Jersey State History Fair Art Exhibition.  His paintings have been accepted into the American Watercolor Society’s Annual International Exhibition and the American Artists Professional League Grand National Exhibition in New York City.  His persistence to continuously push his boundaries in order to get the desired result allow him to express his creativity through limitless media types.  By combining his different talents and disciplines, such as painting, woodcraft, math, design, he has been able to produce unique, avant-garde works. 


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