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Artist Statement

“My attraction for art connects with the personalities of the men in my past. I was a close observer of the works done by those men. Moreover, being a close observer, I was able to teach myself to appreciate the beauty of each shape and color used. My paintings, however, are an interpretation of the autonomous beauty of women. They represent women’s soul, feelings, or women as human beings, alone. Women are shown in my works both directly and indirectly given the combination of abstract and reality work. They are, as created in my works, the most graceful and pure creatures in existance. Women are my attention when a new canvas is waiting and I continue to discover a new personality in each painting.”

Member of Bulgarian Artists Abroad
Member of Chicago Art Coalition

Selected group and solo exhibitions:

2009  ArtWalkRavenswood, Chicago,Il  – group exhibition
2009  City Gallery – Zadar, Croatia, Europe  – group exhibition
2009  Richard Daley Center, Chicago, Il – group exhibition
2008  ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL – group exhibition
2008  ArtWalkRavenswood, Chicago, IL – group exhibition
2008  Carrol College, Helena, MT – group exhibition
2008  Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL – group exhibition
2007  Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL – group exhibition
2007  Curb Gallery, New York, NY – group exhibition
2005  Home of Energetic, Kozloduy, BG – solo exhibition
2001  Sofia Cultural Home, Sofia, BG – solo exhibition

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