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Artist Statement

“For me Art is an expression of our inner thoughts, feelings, dreams, emotions and experiences to which everyday logic does not apply. Art is, in a way, the bridge that connects the invisible world of self to the outer universe.

I find abstract forms the closest and most appropriate visual interpretation of the inner world. Experimenting and combining paint with other materials like paper, branches ceramics and even candles is another side of the creative process which deeply fascinates me.”


2005 AS in Interior design, Harper College, Palatine IL
1998 B.L.A. SU Clement Ohridski, Sofia Bulgaria


2009 Ravenswood Art Walk Chicago IL
2009 Central Gallery Zadar Harvatska
2009 Daley Central Chicago IL
2008 ARC Gallery Chicago IL
2008 Ravenswood Art Walk Chicago IL
2008 Daley Center Chicago IL
2007 Curb gallery New York
2007 Daley Center Chicago IL
2006 TZ Gallery Chicago IL
2004 TZ Gallery Chicago IL

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