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“The limitations of culture and society have kept me from finding myself.  I have made a plan to find myself, accept it and celebrate it. This may sound simple but it is not. Myself is buried under many years and perhaps generations of forced conformity, conditioning, and repression.

In order to survive in society I’ve had to conform to rules of all sorts as soon as I came out of the womb. I little by little gave myself up in hopes of acceptance. I used to not care what people thought when I peed in my pants, ate my boogers, or walked naked all over the place.  I soon learned that these acts were not acceptable amongst the good civilized beings I had to share the world with, and so I compromised.  In my journey to becoming a civilized person, I lost not only my bad and disgusting habits but also my freedom and a great deal of my natural instincts.

The reason why I have made this plan to find myself is because I have realized that after society invested years of hard work into repressing the unique qualities that I brought with me into the world they expect me now to bring that uniqueness out and to contribute something new to the world. I know! It’s fucked up! This is especially true in the art world.

Well, I figure it would be such a waist to live my life without knowing who myself is anyway, and since uniqueness is found in that self, I will search for it.

My plan is not too different from what I have been doing so far, the only thing is that now I know exactly what I am doing and why. I’ll be involved in art making, I’ll be having dialogues with my work, and I’ll be happy to find answer and create more questions.  I’ll be engaged in the creative process which I find to be a great way to get in touch with the self. I think the outcome is promising, for I’ll be happier and more peaceful.”

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