About Dorothy Siclare

Dorothy Siclare has been making art throughout her life, and has become even more involved after leaving the workforce, making it her career rather than a hobby.

She is influenced by beauty and finds inspiration in nature and children. Her early works are more realistic, and while she would paint her subject as she would see it, Siclare believes a part of herself is in each of her works, as well as her subject’s soul. Her later works are more cerebral and intuitive, reflecting her processing of meditating before painting. Bold colors influence Siclare’s work, and she has recently found new expression in abstraction. With her art, Siclare hopes to evoke strong feelings from her viewers. 







New Brunswick Art Salon 2013: “A Summer Pavilion”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – Oil and Mixed Media: Encounters

Artist Personal Website: www.dorothysiclare.com

Email: dasiclare@gmail.com

Artist Statement

My early creations are realistic. I am influenced by beauty and so often inspired by children and nature. I am passionate about my work, I paint truth as I see it, I believe a touch of my spirit enters into my work. My hope is to engage you with compositions that evoke strong feelings in you. Accurate drawing skills and sound painting techniques are the foundation of my artwork. Although truthful depictions are my main goal, it is also important that capture my subjects’ soul.

My later creations are cerebral and intuitive. I start these pieces after meditating, knowing the peace I feel will be expressed in my work. Art takes you down many roads. It is our nature to move forward. Art enables me to view that progression and I feel blessed and honored to have been born with this gift or perhaps I should call it a need. I happily share my passion with those who appreciate the beauty and contemplation that art offers to us all.

Artist Interview 


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