David Rivera is an accomplished artist and Professor of Fine Art based in Newton, Pennsylvania.  He has studied at both Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the New York Academy of Figurative Art.  His expertise lies in historical painting methods and Art History, though he also has experience teaching other artists skills used to enhance their portfolios. His goal as an artist is to visually expose beauty within commonplace objects as subjects. He has perticipated in juried museum shows and gallery exhibits in theD.Rivera,mix media,artist page2greater Tri-State area.

Rivera considers himself an observer. Through his survey of the world he uncovers an “extraordinary beauty” of common objects used in everyday life. The subtle intricacies of his work are rendered through his exaggeration of color, tones, and texture. Rivera’s painting, Absence of Tide, presents the traditional subject of a still life. He intrigues the viewer by providing a desolate space for these rare and beautiful nautical objects, without the presence of the sea. This creates a contrast between the richness and sharpness of the forms, and the starkness of the background. The shells and the rocks are thus enhanced and resonates towards the viewer.  This is also continued in his painting Passages. The leaves are pushed almost into the viewers space, and are so highly detailed that one might swear they are real leaves. This manipulation of images within his work is signature of his style and artistry.



2010  Sep-Oct “Artprize”, Grand Rapids Michigan. (City of Grand Rapids Michigan turns into a public arena for national and international artists)

May-June Ellarslie Open XXVIII Trenton City Museum (Juried exhibition).

2009  Jan-Present.Represented by J&W Gallery, New Hope. Work on exhibit in gallery
2008 April-Jun Ellarslie Open XXVI Trenton City Museum (Juried exhibition)
         Feb-Nov  Represented by Premiere Fine Arts Gallery, Lambertville. Work on exhibit in gallery
2005  “The Classics Return”  Ellarslie, Trenton City Museum
2003  More Gallery, Philadelphia. Work exhibited in gallery
2002  New York Academy of Figurative Art, Annual Exhibition, NY


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