Artist Statement

I’m focused on the creation of a mythic cosmology developed through imagery culled from cultural, sacred and scientific systems. Rooted in a micro versus macro framework, the work contains imagery that is manipulated and reconfigured, merging the past with the present and fact with fiction, to create new relationships and meaning. Similar to the construction of a jigsaw puzzle, each painting is a portion of the larger whole. The work’s content and aesthetic aim to create a sense of beauty and mystery akin to a meditative, contemplative or sublime experience.

My paintings are executed in acrylic paint on beveled wood constructions. The gathering and planning of my source material involves both traditional methods (book research and sketching) and technological practices (graphic manipulation through design software) while the end results are painstakingly painted. Although tedious and demanding, my creative process fosters introspection that allows the abstract theories and concepts within to become experiential, offering personal insight to the possibilities of a world beyond the material plane. Interestingly enough, this journey offers few concrete answers to my questioning, but it nonetheless provides a sense of purpose and security in an ever-changing world.


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