Artist Statement

My artwork is a documentation of the light, color, and forms that inspire me. By getting up close to objects, focusing my lens on small details, and refracting light through transparent and colorful materials, I am able to distort reality and invent new places.  In many ways, my photographs are untraveled landscapes.  I am very attracted to linear forms, saturated color, and minimal compositions.  Through my photography I attempt to capture and reveal unseen spaces. As suggested by the great photographer László Moholy-Nagy, photographers are lichtners— painters of light.  Rather than using my camera as a way to document representational forms, I prefer to use the medium as a painting tool.



Visual Arts Center of New Jersey
New Jersey City University
Union County Community College


Selected Group Exhibitions

2012-   Photography and Digital Media Exhibition, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ
2011-   A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum, The Paper Mill Playhouse, Milburn, NJ
2011-   Italian Vision, Casparia, Italy
2011-   Member’s Show, The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ
2009-   Painting with Light, The Visual Arts center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ


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