About The Artist: Andrei Medvedev Graduated from the Department of Theatre Set Design at “Memory of Year 1905” Art College.  Medvedev’s works are now in Moscow Tretyakov State Gallery and in many high profile personal collections around the world. Andrei Medvedev has developed his own style, which has close connection to his authentic personality and his insight into people’s souls and psychology. Without leaving beauty behind, Andrei gives his paintings depth of thought, and questioning of the main forces present in all of humanity: good and bad, hope and fear. The Russian artist has been painting since the age of four, when his grandfather first encouraged him to pursue and develop his talent. Now, as an adult, we can sense in his creations the strong influence and inspiration he found in artist Diego Velasquez, Medvedev’s most favored artist. The resemblance is most clear in observing Medvedev’s work and Velasquez’ greatest creation, Las Meninas.

Exhibitions: Moscow Exhibition of Young Artists, XV, XVII, Moscow; 1987 Uniskait Galerie, Baden-Baden; 1988 All-Union Young Artists’ Exhibition, Moscow; 1988 Soviet Art, Helsinki; 1988 Russian Avanteguarde, Brussels; 1988 “Eros and Erotica”, Moscow; ART MIF 1, Moscow; KUNST EUROPA, Bacharach; Neues Labyrinth, Cologne; “Nostalgia,” Moscow; “New Generation ofRussian Artist.” Washington, D.C.; “Carneval,” Moscow; “Art Manege ’96, International Art Fair, XX Century Art,” Moscow. 

Collections:The Tatiana Kolodzei Collection, Moscow, Russia; The Christian Keesee Collection of NewRussian Art, USA; Oklahoma City Museum, Oklahoma City, USA; The BFG Bank Collection, Frankfurt; The Stolichniy Bank Collection of Russian Art, Moscow, Russia; The Moscovia Bank Collection of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia; The Baronessa Dreyfus Collection, Zurich, Switzerland; The Collection of the Russian Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia; Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, Jersey City, USA; Museum of New Russian Art, Vladivostok, Russia; Museum of Russian Graphics and Sculpture, Riga, Latvia; RussianContemporary Art, The Collection of Lis Janstrup; The Collection of Alex Levin, USA; The Collection of Elena Marx, USA

  1. January 23, 2020

    I have a medvedev painting that I’m looking to sell.
    Do you consign?

    • January 23, 2020

      If you’re interested in submitting work, please look into our “Info for Artists” page.

  2. November 13, 2020

    Dear Alfa Art Gallery,
    I was looking for Andrei Medvedev’s paintings on web, and I was very pleased you’ve mentioned my collection. Currently, I have 18 Medvedev’s paintings and 1 wooden sculpture. This is a link to a catalog of my collection:
    I live in Canada now.
    Best regards from Toronto,
    Alex Levin

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