1970                            B.A., B.F.A., BrooklynCollege

1972‑73                    Instructor, Art History (Modern Art) and

                                   Studio Art (Painting); StateUniversity

                                    of New York at Buffalo, College B

1972‑73                       Assistant Director, ArtGallery (Gallery 219)

                                    StateUniversity of New York at Buffalo

1975                            M.A. (Art History); Rutgers, the State

                                    University of New Jersey

1977‑82                       Curator of Painting and Sculpture,

                                    ZimmerliArt Museum, RutgersUniversity

1983‑2011                   Senior Curator,

                                    ZimmerliArt Museum, Rutgers University


Jeffrey Wechsler was Senior Curator at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey from 1983 to 2011.  Specializing in lesser-known aspects of twentieth-century American art, he organized many exhibitions of American art, including Surrealism and American Art, 1931-1947 (1977), Realism and Realities: The Other Side of American Painting, 1940-1960 (1982), Abstract Expressionism: Other Dimensions (1989), and Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970 (1997)


   Major exhibitions: As organizer and curator

 * An asterisk by the year indicates authorship of main essay or text for the exhibition catalogue.

** A double asterisk indicates oversight and/or editing of text for other authors. 

  Unless otherwise noted, all exhibitions were organized for the ZimmerliArt Museum, RutgersUniversity. 

2007*  “Natvar Bhavsar: The Dimensions of Color” 

2007*  “Pathways and Parallels: Roads to Abstract Expressionism,” Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York

2005*  “Bohdan Osyczka,” KatonahMuseum of Art, Katonah, New York

2004*  “Transcultural New Jersey: Crosscurrents in the Mainstream”

2002*  “George Segal: A Retrospective of Wall Works” (co-organized with TG Concepts, Japan:

            exhibition traveled to Japan [6 museums], The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia, and

            ZimmerliArt Museum, RutgersUniversity)

2002** “India: Contemporary Art from Northeastern Private Collections”

2002*  “Sal Sirugo: From the Intimate to the Infinite,” WalshArtGallery, FairfieldUniversity, Fairfield,  Connecticut

2000*  “Wang Ming: Universal Dimensions” WalshArtGallery, FairfieldUniversity, Fairfield,     Connecticut

1999** “The Enduring Figure, 1890s – 1970s: Sixteen Sculptors from the National Association

            of Women Artists” (co-organizer)

1997*  “Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 

1945‑1970” (catalogue co-published by Abrams, Inc. and RutgersUniversity;

            traveling exhibition)

1995    “The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union,

             1956-1986,” permanent installation (co-organizer)

1994**  “The National Association of Women Artists Collection at Rutgers” (co-organizer)

1993    “The George Riabov Collection of Russian Art,” permanent installation (co-organizer)

1992*  “Expression Abstracted: Heads by Pepi, Rosenborg, Seliger, and Sirugo”

1991**  “Kratky Film: The Art of Czechoslovak Animation”

1990*  “Watercolors of the Abstract Expressionist Era” (The KatonahMuseum, Katonah, New York)

1989*  “Abstract Expressionism: Other Dimensions” (traveling exhibition)

1989**  “The Central Years: Sickles Photo‑Reporting Service Documents the American

            1940s and 1950s”

1987*  “Abraham Joel Tobias: Sculptural Paintings of the 1930s”

1986**  “Julian de Miskey: A Retrospective Exhibition” (co‑organizer)

1985    “The Critical Edge: Controversy in Recent American Architecture” (co‑organizer)

1985** “Leo Amino: Sculpture, 1945‑1974”

1984** “Sam Glankoff: A Retrospective Exhibition”

1984** “Decorative Art in France, the 1920s and 1930s: Selections from

            a New Jersey Collection”

1983* “Subtleties” (Sutton Gallery, New York)

1982* “Realism and Realities: The Other Side of American Painting, 1940-1960”

            (co-organization, co‑authorship; traveling exhibition)

1980* “Contemporary Artists Series II: Jan Groover, Ira Joel Haber, Cork Marcheschi”

1979* “Vanguard American Sculpture: 1913‑1939” (joint organization and authorship;

            traveling exhibition)

1979 “David Hare: Color Photography of the Pueblo Indians”

1978* “George Marinko: Surrealism” (MattatuckMuseum, Waterbury, Connecticut)

1978* “Contemporary Artists Series I: Pat Adams, Robert Graham, Norman Tuck”

1977*  “Surrealism and American Art: 1931-1947”

1977*  “Twelve From Rutgers”

1975*  “A Response to the Environment”

1973*  “Recent Canadian Painting and Sculpture” (Gallery 219, StateUniversity of New York at Buffalo)


 Selected publications (exclusive of catalogues for major exhibitions organized by Jeffrey Wechsler: see previous pages)

2007    “In the Realm of Yongwang: Paintings by Dongkuk Ahn,” catalogue essay for

            Don Ahn: Dragon And Ocean. Recent Paintings, Gallery Ewha, Seoul, South Korea (March-April)

2007    “The Nature of Abstraction: Paintings by Chuang Che,” catalogue essay for exhibition

            Chuang Che, AsiaArtCenter, Taipei, Taiwan

2006   “Paintings and Sculptures by Ludvic: Re-inventing Tradition,” catalogue essay for exhibition, Ludvic: Poems and Folksongs, RobertRomanGallery at Artspace, Scottsdale, Arizona

2005   “Bohdan Osyczka,” catalogue essay for exhibition, Bohdan Osyczka, Hollis Taggart Galleries, 

            New York, (October – November 2005)

2004    “Nature Transformed, Nature Abstracted: Ralph Iwamoto in the Late 1950s,” catalogue essay for exhibition, Ralph Iwamoto, David Findlay Fine Art, New York (September 2004)

2004        “Don Ahn,” catalogue essay for exhibition, Don Ahn: Zen and Void, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York (January – February 2004)

2002    “George Segal: Reliefs,” catalogue essay for exhibition, George Segal: Retrospective from the Artist’s Studio, (exhibition traveled to Japan, Russia, U.S.), TG Concepts, Tokyo

2001    “David Ambrose” catalogue essay for exhibition, David Ambrose: The Bound Brook Series,

            Tomasulo Gallery, Union County College, New Jersey (January – February 2001)

2000    “Laura Ross-Paul: Painting in Mixed Metaphor,” catalogue essay for exhibition, Laura

             Ross-Paul: Markers, Froelick Gallery, Portland, Oregon (November – December 2000)

2000    “Ludvic Saleh” catalogue essay for exhibition Ludvic Saleh: Themes and Variations,

            Dow Jones & Company, Inc., South Brunswick, New Jersey (November – December 2000)

1999    “Gifford Beal: At the Water’s Edge,” essay for exhibition catalogue, Kraushaar Galleries,

            New York

1999    “Three-Part Harmony: Visual Correspondence and Counterpoint in Recent Paintings

            by Mark Rediske, Allen Cox, and Tajuddin Ismael,” essay for exhibition catalogue,

            Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco

1998    “Toward a New Tradition: Seven Taiwanese Modernist Artists,” catalogue essay for an     exhibition at The Hong Kong International Fine Art and Antique Fair, Hong Kong

            (co-publishers, LungMenArtGallery and DimensionsArtCenter, Taipei, Taiwan), 1998

1997    “Chuang Che,” essay in exhibition catalogue, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong

1997    “Surrealism in America: At Home on the Range of Style,” essay for exhibition catalogue,

            Surrealism in America, 1930-1949, Boca RatonMuseum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida       

1995    “Chinyee: The Wonder of Change,” essay for exhibition catalogue,

             East Asia Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

1995    “Small Paintings by Adolph Gottlieb: Balancing the Scale,” essay for exhibition catalogue,

            Manny Silverman Gallery, Los Angeles

1994    “Portrait of the Artist as Father William,” essay for exhibition catalogue

            for Still Working, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

1994    “On Chinyee’s Paintings,” essay for exhibition catalogue, Viridian Gallery, New York

1993    “From Mind and Matter: The Natural Individualism of Boris Margo,” catalogue essay for

            Boris Margo: Surrealism to Abstraction,1932-1952, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York

1993    “Chuang Che through Western Eyes,” essay for exhibition catalogue for Chuang Che:

            Recent Landscapes, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong

1992    “Jared French,” catalogue essay for The Re‑discovery of Jared French,

            Midtown‑Payson Galleries, New York

1992    “Space and Gesture: The Paintings of Vincent Pepi,” catalogue essay for Vincent Pepi:

            Abstract Expressionist Paintings of the 1950s and 1960s, Sid Deutsch Gallery, New York

1992    Untitled catalogue essay for Surrealism Embodied: The Figure in American Art, 1933 ‑ 1953,

            Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York

1991    “Ralph Rosenborg’s 1960s: A Creative Half‑Century’s Center,” catalogue essay for

            Ralph Rosenborg: Oil and Watercolor Paintings From the 1960s, Snyder Fine Art, New York

1991    “Art History and/or Harold Shapinsky,” catalogue essay for Harold Shapinsky:

            A Retrospective, Helander Gallery, New York, and The Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale,


1988    “Boris Margo,” catalogue essay for Boris Margo: A Retrospective,

            Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, Mass.

1985    “Sam Glankoff and Print‑Painting,” Print Review 2,  (co‑authorship)

1985    “Magic Realism: Defining the Indefinite,” Art Journal, Winter

1983    “Print Issues,” Print Review 17

1978    “Gerome Kamrowski,” Arts, February

1977    “Surrealism’s Automatic Painting Lesson,” Art News, April

1977    “Boris Margo: Experiment and Innovation,” Arts, November

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