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2015 – Sept 12 @ 7:30pm – International Inspirations

About this Exhibition

Alfa Art Gallery is pleased to present this unique opportunity to exhibit original works from universally known Fine Art masters including Marc Chagall, and Peter Max. In collaboration with collector Anton Kogan and his father who have generously accepted to display the collection at the gallery, this exhibition will greet its New Brunswick visitors with a kaleidoscope of color and symbolism, as each artist displays their own breathtaking interpretation of the world we live in. The featured works will include original oils, watercolors, etchings, and serigraphs.

The gallery will also hold a Meet the Collector event, providing an in depth look at each of the artists, as well as a Q&A with the collector. Dates for this event are TBA.

The exhibition has no admission fee and is open to the public. There will be a live musical performance and refreshments will be served.

Exhibiting Artists

Curatorial Notes by Ilea Santiago

Emile Bellet is a self-taught artist whose Fauvist style is characterized by vivid non-authentic color alongside elongated mannerist forms. The whimsical movement derived from Bellet’s impasto knife lends a sense of vision to his work, giving a sense of mystery and ethereal beauty to his work.

Marc Chagall was, as art critic Robert Hughes stated, “the quintessential Jewish artist of the twentieth century”.  Born in 1887 to a devout Jewish family in Belarus, his expressive style and surreal figures continues to captivate audiences across the globe.

Salvador Dali is best known for his symbolic surrealist artistic style. Originally from Spain, some of his paintings are inspired by his love of the Port Lligat area, where he made his home with his wife Gala.

Marcus Glenn is a Detroit born artist who is widely known for his use of highly saturated colors and his expressive use of paper and fabric. He fascinates viewers by inviting them into his realm of colorful and unique imagery.

Marina Boyko presents a different vision on surrealist art. Using watercolor to purvey her ideas, a world of unimaginable fantasy captivates the viewer. Her long limbed, alien-like figures make one questions, who we really are as human-beings.

Mihail Chemiakin has also been referred to as a “Russian Picasso of our time.” Producing mostly paintings and Lithographs, his fractured, free flowing compositions are tantalizing in color and concept.

Linda Le Kinffs work explores a plethora of mediums, spanning from acrylic paint, lithographs, wood carving, gold leaf, serigraphs, and watercolor.  She uses her skills to create sensual, elegant figures, taking inspiration from her extensive travel history as well as her dreams.

Peter Max‘s combination of color, spirituality, and music is the foundation of a psychedelic style which captivates viewers from the moment they observe his work.  His dedication, creativity, and willingness to experiment, led to him becoming one of the today’s leading neo-expressionist artists.

Zamy Steynovitz was heavily influenced by both his Jewish heritage and the vibrancy of South America. His romantic figures reflect the joy in life, and were recognized by the Nobel institute for Peace in Norway.

Itzchack Tarkay demonstrates his mastery of graphic arts using rich color and form to create stunning paintings. Born on the Yugoslav-Hungarian border, Tarkay claims to work from pure instinct, his forms colors and compositions are all a natural extension of his creative process.

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