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July 8th @7:30-10:00 PM- Alfa Art Gallery invites you to New Brunswick Art Salon Part II: Watercolor and Mixed Media, Movements in Nature: Perspectives of Being”

For Immediate Release:
July 8th @7:30-10:00 PM Alfa Art Gallery invites you to
New Brunswick Art Salon Part II: Watercolor and Mixed Media,
“Movements in Nature: Perspectives of Being” 
featuring representations of the nuances of nature, using watercolor and mixed media.
Exhibition Preview: July 6th @ 7:30pm to 10pm
Exhibition Opening: July 8th @ 7:30pm to 10pm
Exhibition Duration: June 28th  to August 20th  2016
Exhibiting Artists:
We are pleased to invite you to the second installation of the New Brunswick Art Salon, 
highlighting artists who excel in their work manipulating watercolor and mixed media
to reveal vast visions of nature. The 13 featured artists are prominent local figures whom
have exhibited their work in gallery shows throughout the greater New York area or have
worked with Alfa Art Gallery in previous exhibitions. Through the exhibition, you will
witness local talents from the New Brunswick area, and beyond, whom reflect and inspire
the rich artistic culture of the community. 
“Movements in Nature: Perspectives of Being” focuses on ebb and flow of life, matter, and 
nature. Thus, providing a glance into one’s experience of nature’s materialized essence,
both tangible and intangible. From the unrestrained watercolors of Hanna Aviv, to the
deconstructed figural representations by Verdiana Patacchini, bear witness to the broad
interpretations of life in flux, through unbridled color, experimental texture, and limitless
gesture. Reminiscent of the Art Salons of the 18th and 19th century, the New Brunswick Art
Salon was launched to promote the ever-evolving advances in the arts. Please join Alfa Art
Gallery for a night of celebrating an exclusive glimpse into multifaceted impressions of the
ever-changing human experience.
About Artists:
“Movements in Nature: Perspectives of Being” will feature many talent artists, both renowned 
and those currently establishing themselves. Hana Aviv has excelled as a local artist over the 
past decade, continuing to hone her artistic process and style. Working as a pathologist at 
Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson, she spent her nights taking art classes at a variety
of institutions, where she found her artistic match working with watercolors. Watercolor
gives Hana a freedom she was not able to find in other media. She focuses her work on life
painting and expressions of nature where she draws upon color and fluidity to create
dynamic works. In particular, her series of flower paintings seem to depict bright bushels of
nature that blur the line between contained objectivity and open expression, as evidenced in
her loose, broad brushstrokes.
Similar in style and subjectivity, Thea Berkhout depicts the world in a recognizable yet
innovative manner. She is an artist, as well as an Associate Dean at Rutgers University, in
the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy. Her artwork consists of 
images such from life, such as still life, landscape, and explorations of the nude figure.

Karen Terry is a lifelong artist, always returning to painting as a meditation.
Her pieces are inspired bythe universality of nature and landscape, often depicting
simple snapshots of the seasons or weather.She works in mixed media but thrives using
sumi-ink, departing from classical Eastern painting and manipulating the medium to
produce modern pieces. Her paintings in the NBAS Part II Exhibition are dark, vague
landscapes produced with the sumi-ink wash, and emphasize a dreamlike experience of 
nature. Terry emphasizes the merit of her art is dedicated to peace.
Gregg Bautista is a recent graduate from Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of the Arts,
where he concentrated in painting, with a minor in Art History. He utilizes water color to
create dark abstractions and loose figural forms. His work blends forms and color to create
new landscapes and figures, which challenges the viewers’ perception of these historically
and traditionally known aspects of nature and art. 

Karen Starret, a trained educator and artist, has exhibited her work in over 60 shows 
throughout the United States over the past decade. Her educational roots stem from Rutgers 
University, our local neighbor, and she has expanded her work since then. Starrett works
with mixed media, from painting to assemblage and collage. Her process is dynamic and 
spontaneous, where new forms build off of previous ones, creating personal and nostalgic 
scenes for the artist. Her mixed media collages that are exhibited in the New Brunswick Art 
Salon Part II are engaging and multidimensional in space, portraying an abstraction of
nature and form. 
Donna Payton has an MFA from the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles and
is a recipient of the New Jersey Print and Paper Grant from the Brodsky Center at Rutgers 
University. Payton uses very bright colors and highlights to bring her paintings to life. The 
subjects of her paintings consist of everyday household- objects, but the use of color brings importance to these images. 

Rida Fatima has an Associate degree in Interior Design. She won “Best In Show” in December, 2013 at the Old Orchard Gallery. Fatima uses watercolor to create paintings of wood, trees, and flowers. The main elements of her paintings emphasize depth, perspective, mystery, texture, and color. She emphasizes that art is her personal language through which she can talk without saying a word. 
Susan Gilli also utilizes the power of mystery, texture, and color in her work. She focuses on depicting subjects of nature in flux. She presents the brilliant electricity of life through her usage of bright colors and intricate yet explosive brushwork. Her artwork is partially abstract, and her mediums of choice are acrylics and mixed media.
 Verdiana Patacchini has her roots in Italy and now works fluidly between Italy and the United States. She creates multimedia images and compositions where she finds painting to be the ideal medium  to bridge the gap between nature, the imagination, and reality. 

Jeffery Pullen obtained his BFA and MFA from the Pratt Institute of New York. He uses oil
on wood to create portraits of landscapes, which are mainly focused on New York City.
Specifically, he has created impressive landscapes of Times Square. He has taken part in
almost 40 solo exhibitions nation-wide, along with 70 group shows. In his work, he presents
realistic images on  nontraditional surfaces. In this current exhibit, his paintings depict
imagery of the city which communicate with the complex sculptural forms of the surfaces. 
Tania Sen also plays with the  viewers’ ability to interpret different realities in her work. She
was born in Kolkata, India, but she currently lives and works in New York and New Jersey.
Sen received her Masters in  Communications Arts from the New York Institute of Technology.
Sen utilizes mixed media to create pieces that speak to the materialization/dematerialization
of the world. She is influenced  by media signage, pop culture, and the thoughtful
perceptions of pop culture reality. Sen has taken part in past exhibitions at Alfa Art Gallery.

Indrani Choudhury was born in Calcutta, India and worked as a biomedical research scientist for 25 years. Upon moving to New Jersey in the 1990’s, she began to feel that her life was  incomplete. This void led to her becoming a full-time self-taught painter in 2005. Entirely self-taught, Indrani works solely in watercolors, transforming the medium beyond its typical constraints to produce the texture and richness of acrylics and oils. Her portraits consist of nature scenes and miscellaneous objects. 
Dustin Garafalo also utilizes watercolor to create mainly landscape scenes consisting of gradients of dark colors, rather than deep contrasts of  lightness and darkness as seen in Indrani Choudhury’s work. His working pace tends to be fast, due to the fact that he combines charcoal, acrylics, graphite, and oils. Garafalo focuses on  subjects in nature. He is currently working on obtaining an MFA in Drawing and Painting from the State University of New York, at Albany.

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