Tsveta Ubcheva is a Bulgarian artist specializing in various fields and disciplines who uses art as a connecting device between the individual and the universe. She applies her chemical engineering background to her art practice, believing that everything in nature influences each other and thus is open to change. In creating works that directly engage with the viewer, Ubcheva explores Dr. David Hawkin’s theory on human consciousness and its layers through her photographic series, “Levels of Consciousness.”

Ubcheva was born on 12 August 1960 in Ihtiman sity, next to Sofia in 2008-2009 she graduated General and Art Photography classes at Cinema-Photo Club “Varna” with lecturer Angel Nenov. She graduated Conceptual photography at “Art Еxtreme& Concept art school “ANDARY” 2012 and attends Ivaylo Stoyanov’s Conceptual Photography Masterclass in a school of modern photography “Photoconcept” since 2014. A chemical engineer by education, she understands that everything in nature is subject to the same laws and is inextricably linked. She believes that art should excite, ask questions, raise consciousness to a higher level.

 Аrt is what can influence the viewer to restore harmony with the Universe within and beyond us. He is engaged in spiritual practices, yoga, various sports. Loves to dance Caribbean dances. She lives and works in Varna, Bulgaria. 

Learn more about Tsveta on her personal website: https://tsvetaphotography.com/en/home/ 


New Brunswick Art Salon 2024 – Photography: “The Art of Perspective”


2023 9th International Biennal “The Art of Miniature”, “Ruse Art Gallery”, Ruse 

2023 22th International Print Biennial, City Art galleryBoris Georgiev,Varna 

2023 4th Abstract competition 21×21, “A cube contemporary” Gallery, Sofia 

2023  Art for Children in Need” of St. Constantine and Helena Foundation, “Graffit Gallery”, Varna 

2022 Autumn salon,” “Graffit Gallery”, Varna 

2022 Collective charity exhibition “The Art for Children in Need” of St. Constantine and Helena Foundation, “Graffit Gallery”, Varna 
2021 8th International Biennal “The Art of Miniature”, “Ruse Art Gallery”, Ruse 
2021 “InterAct“ an interactive exhibition of contemporary art and photography, Monteverde Gallery, Sofia 
2020 „Аrt for children in need”, Gallery “Graffit“, Varna 

2020 Contemporary outdoor art exhibition EXPO “ARTKO”19, Platform A6 of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia 
2020 “UNIVERSE is vibration”, solo exhibition, Gallery“ Bogoridi“, Burgas 

2019 International Art Festival “Marine Resonance” 2019, “Golden Sands” Complex 

2019 20th Jubilee edition of the International Biennale of Graphics”, City Art Gallery” Boris Georgiev Varna 
2019 “Timelessness” solo exhibition, Euxinograd residence complex, Varna 
2018 “UNIVERSE” solo exhibition, Gallery “Synthesis,” Sofia, as a part of Bulgarian Month of Photography 
2018 “UNIVERSE” solo exhibition, “Graffit Gallery.” Varna 
2017 “UNIVERSE” solo exhibition “Arsenal of Art” gallery, Plovdiv 
2016  Exhibition “Interior design and photography” “Vitosha” bul. 150 Sofia 
2015  Exhibition “Tale of Santorini” “M.Drinov” str 30 Sofia 
2015 “E-zero” Photobook, “Synthesis” gallery, Sofia, presentation 
2015  “UNIVERSE” – Solo exhibition, “Photoconcept” gallery, Sofia 
2015 “Winter-hits – exhibition of Ivaylo Stoyanov’s masterclass, Centre for Culture and debate “The Red House”, Sofia 
2014 Conceptual photography weeks – “Synthesis” gallery, Sofia 
2013 “Out of context” exhibition – Varna Mall gallery, Varna 
2012 “The Spirit of Varna” within the Month of Photography, “Lagro” gallery, Varna 
2012 “A risk-free summer” – Varna Municipality 
2012 “Varna of the Youth” – Cinema-Photo Club “Var 
2012 “Anti-drugs, Anti-AIDS” – Varna Municipality 
2011 “ Colours in the snow” – “Active Art” gallery, Varna 
2010 “Beginning” – first personal exhibition – Active Art” gallery, Varna 
2009 “Varna of the Youth – Cinema-Photo Club “Varna” 
2009 “An Eye for the Others” – comic photography – “Active Art” gallery, Varna 


2016 Grand Jury Prize for photo story – topic “Extraordinary stories” for the project “MY CAMINO 
2014 Third prize of Photo-Forum Fest competition, Banya village, Bansko” 


2023 22nd International Print Biennial, Boris Georgiev Art gallery, Varna 

2019 20th International Print Biennial,” Boris Georgiev Art gallery, Varna 
2012 Flash music /Music in the lens/, Fourth International Photo Salon, Sofia 
2012 27 FIAP biennale “Bulgarian winter” 
2012 “Anti-drugs, Anti-AIDS” competition – Varna Municipality 
2009 Flash music /Music in the lens/, Photography academy, Sofia 


2020 “Izkustvodar” magazine, Activ Art gallery, Varna 
2017 „Izkustvodar”magazine , Activ Art gallery, Varna 
2011 “Izkustvodar” magazine, Activ Art gallery, Varna