He participated in several prestigious national exhibitions such as: 7th Salon of Visual Arts of Guarulhos in 2007, Individual Exhibition at the Guimaraes Rosa Gallery of Belo Horizonte City Council in 2009, Individual Exhibition “Night in the Mountains” at the Se station, on the Metro from the City of Sao Paulo of 2009, solo exhibition “Chacaras” at the Centro de Cultura Brasil Estados Unidos; Professor Sylvio Vasconcellos Gallery in 2010, Belo Horizonte/MG, Exhibition “Chacaras” at the Minas Tenis Clube art gallery July 2011, Collective exhibition Interpretes de Portinari at Minas II, Belo Horizonte, December 2011, Exhibition ‘Landscapes’ at the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais, April 2016, Group exhibition at Galpao Paraiso “Fartura”. June 2016, Group exhibition in Valencia, Rio de Janeiro, 2016 and internationally as a group exhibition in New York Brazilian Endowment for the Arts August 2011. 

He worked as a painting and drawing teacher at Maison Escola de Arte from 2009 to 2011. Effective professor of visual arts at the Fundacao Municipal de Cultura in the Arena Cultura program, teaching at the Artisting Training Center and at cultural centers in Belo Horizonte from 2011 to December in 2015 he helped write the pedagogical project of the Free School of Arts in Belo Horizonte and in 2016 he founded his own school, Atelie 50, where he teaches not only painting and drawing courses, but also art history, philosophy of art and mythology. The school gained great prestige and has trained a large number of artists and provided a set of art fairs and exhibitions. 


From a very young age I always enjoyed drawing and painting, there was a genuine desire to recordthe world, everything felt absolutely magical and meaningful. Despite the frustrations anddisappointments that life tends to bring as an adult, this desire and wonder has never been lost, ithas become a search for the hidden meaning behind all those things that seem to sparkle in the eyeswhen we stop to look closely. Art, paintings, are a way of unveiling the beauty that is hidden behindthings. For the simplest places, moments, are full of meaning and the world, the modern rhythm,loses them, lets them escape. Art is for me a way to capture this real hidden meaning, for a momentsomething that is infinite fits inside something finite and that’s how a painting ‘shines’ like aprecious stone that captures the beauty of daylight.

Rodrigo Brasil Art Exhibitions:

• 2007, Minas Gerais -Brasil.Galeria de Arte – ALMG Cultural,individual exhibition:RuaRodrigues Caldas, 30 Santo Agostinho – Belo Horizonte

• 2007, Minas Gerais -Brasil.7o Salão de Artes Visuais de Guarulhos,colective exhibition:Av. Monteiro Lobato, 734 – Macebo

• 2009, Minas Gerais -Brasil.Shopping 5ª Avenida,individual exhibition: R. Alagoas, 1314 –Belo Horizonte• 2009, São Paulo -Brasil.Galeria Mali Villas Boas,colective exhibition:R. Tabapua, 383 – SãoPaulo.

• 2009, Minas Gerais -Brasil.Galeria Guimarães Rosa da Câmara Municipal de BeloHorizonte,individual exhibition “O Homem, a Concha e o Universo”: Avenida dos Andradas,3100 – Belo Horizonte

• 2009, Distrito Federal -Brasil.Cem Monas Lisas com Mona Lisa na Casa dos Contos deOuro Preto,colective exhibition: Cultural Center in the plenary access corridor, at the Chamber ofDeputies, national congress, Brasília.

• 2009, São Paulo – Brasil.Sé Station, Metro of the São Paulo City,individual exhibition“Noite nas Montanhas”: Estação da Sé, São Paulo

• 2009, Minas Gerais -Brasil.Galeria Professor Sylvio Vasconcellos,individual exhibition“Chácaras”: Centro de Cultura Brasil Estados Unidos, Rua da Bahia 1723 – Belo Horizonte.

• 2010, Minas Gerais -Brasil.Centro de Compras Via Brasil Pampulha,individual exhibition“O Homem, a Concha e o Universo”: Av. Pedro I, 402 – Belo Horizonte

• 2011, Minas Gerais -Brasil.Galeria de arte do Minas Tênis Clube,individual exhibition“Chácaras”:R. da Bahia, 2.244 – 5º andar – Belo Horizonte.

• 2011, New York – USA.Brazilian Endowment for the Arts,colective exhibition: Nova York,240 E 52nd St, New York.• 2011, Minas Gerais – Brasil.ICBEU,individual exhibition “Shadows”:R. Espanha, 472 –Betim.

• 2011, Minas Gerais – Brasil.Banco Central do Brasil,individual exhibition “Chácaras”:Av.Álvares Cabral, 1605– Belo Horizonte.

• 2011, Minas Gerais – Brasil.Minas Tênis Clube II,colective exhibition“Intérpretes dePortinari”:Av. dos Bandeirantes, 2323- Belo Horizonte

• 2016, Minas Gerais – Brasil.Galeria de Arte – ALMG Cultural,individual exhibition‘Paisagens’:Rua Rodrigues Caldas, 30 Santo Agostinho – Belo Horizonte

• 2016, Minas Gerais – Brasil.Galpão Paraíso,colective exhibition “Fartura”:R. CachoeiraDourada, 44– Belo Horizonte.• 2022, Minas Gerais – Brasil.Ateliê 50,art fair: Rua dos Aimorés 1743 – Belo Horizonte.

• 2022, Minas Gerais -Brasil.Grande Hotel Ronaldo Fraga,colective exhibition, exposition‘Capas de Discos’ :R. Ceará, 1205 – Belo Horizonte

2023: NBAS Oil, Mixed Media, and Sculpture Exhibition