First Place Winner: 


Title: Caldron. Artist: Paul Mordetsky.  Format: Acrylic on Canvas

Desire, loss, and sheer contemplative destruction are a few of the integral thoughts which began to leap forth at me at first glance from this work. Set in a landscape reminiscent of primal man,, the central figure stands helpless to bear what he now must endure. The exquisite brushstrokes and the use of vibrant complementary colors add a direct sense of motion and ongoing action, almost to the point where the viewer themselves feels remorse for the main figure at hand.





Second Place Winner:


Title: Poem-A-Day Artist: Eva Mantell Format: Mixed Media

Using a specific combination of medium, this collage based work of magazine fragments introduce the issue of scattered text throughout the work, drawing the viewer into a more intimate investigation. It is well within this device where the work begins to succeed. Along with its vibrant red tones set against a more passive blue, a balance of warm and cool variations add to a formidable rhythm to the composition as a whole.





Third Place Winner: 


Title: Richard Artist: Libby Ramage Format: Mixed Media

This mixed media work captured my attention as it depicts three abstract figures superimposed over one larger traditional core image leading to an intriguing perspective. The composition sets up a balanced contradiction of styles creating a visually interesting structure to the work as a whole. It leaves one to ponder the innocent childlike qualities which seem to not only exist deep within the recess of the human psyche, but continue to play a part in some respect in an adult life.




Honorable Mentions:


Title: Journey Path  Artist: Karen Terry Format: Sumi Ink on Paper 

A certain sense of displacement literally shrouded in a veil of mystery is what drew my attention to this work. The use of the dark, contrasting ink immersed within a soft yet foreboding landscape seems to lead the viewer to ponder on where this vanishing horizon is asking one to escape to. In a minimalistic approach, it becomes thought provoking in its own realm.





Title: Childhood memories Artist: Karen Starrett Format: Mixed Media

The work utilizes an integration of what appears to be several techniques, materials, and processes, woven together to create a seamless flow. The pyramid like structure within the composition, layer to create narrative approach is what I deemed to be it’s main strength. Each level continuously builds upon the next, raising the question, does the story end here, or is it destined to continue on?







Title: Ravana Artist: Tania Sen Format: Mixed media on reclaimed canvas    

Emotion, gesture, human expression the swirling screaming contemplations which exist in this work propel the viewer into an examination of each strait exhibited. Once the onlooker is drawn in to study each image (or the same image repeated several times), magnified by its dominant red hue, one can begin to ponder where the personal relationship ends up within the painting itself.








Juror:  Rocco Scary