About Paul Ching-Bor

Paul Ching-Bor is a contemporary watercolor artist who has captivated the world with his dynamic cityscapes. Born in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, Ching-Bor began studying art at the age of 12 and followed his artistic passion through high school and college, where he learned traditional techniques of fine art. His painting explores the medium of watercolor, building from his inspiration of Eastern and Western art. Ching-Bor works on a large scale using the most prominent and heaviest papers he can find, thus not compromising the conventional watercolor principles. He has such respect for the medium of watercolor that he harnesses the sensitive and transparent nature of the medium in each of his works.

Artist Statment

This year is the 20th anniversary of the tragic event of 9/11 that has happened in New York City.

ABYSS series paintings depict the memorial light beams of 9/11, it is the aftermath of the happening, not the happening itself, considering nobody could ever change the happening, as it is the “fact” that exists in human history. In this body of works submitted here, my attempt is the measuring of the aftermath, which is the “thing” we are living through, perhaps not only a lifetime but for generations.

My perspective of the splattering of the water medium, is a phenomenon of the synchronization of water in the ecosystem, from here, evokes the awareness of “what goes around, what comes around”.


1975- 81 Selected to study fine art at the Youth Arts Centre, Guangzhou, China

1984- 85 Sculpture Department, Guangzhou Fine Art University, China

1985- 87 FineArt Department, Jing De Zhen Ceramic Institute, China

1996- 02 Painting and Print Making, NationalAcademy of Design, School of Fine Arts, New York

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 Fall Watercolor and Mixed Media Exhibition

Awards and Prizes

2013        The 2013 New Jersey StateArts Council IndividualArtist Fellowship awarded in the discipline of Painting, by The New Jersey State Council on theArts

2000        The Allied Artists of America 2000 Gold Medal of Honor Greg G. Thielen Memorial Award

1999        Watercolor USA1999 Cash Award Prize

1998        The Allied Artists of America 1998 Silver Medal of Honor

1997        The Allied Artists of America 1997 Gold Medal of Honor; Newington Award for Best Painting, AmericanArtists Professional LeagueAnnual Exhibition

1995        First Prize for drawing by the RAS of New South Wales,Australia

1994        First Prize and Gold Medal by the Rotary Club of Camberwell, Victoria,Australia

1990        First Prize and the Special Prize,Annual Exhibition, RAS of Victoria,Australia; First Prize and Highly Commended in the Mercedes Benz Youth Scholarship by the RAS of New South Wales of Australia

1989        Awarded prizes and the Special Prize in the annual exhibition associated with the RAS of Victoria of Australia


2020       Artists in Residence, Q21, Vienna,Austria

2014        Artists in Residence, Chateau de la Napoule, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France

2013        Artists in Residency, UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein, Essen, Germany

2011        Artists in Residence, Kulturzentrum Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany

2010        Artists in Residence, Neuhauser Kunstmühle, Salzburg, Austria; Multipoint International Art Symposium 2010, Nitra, Slovakia

2009        Artists in Residence, Neuhauser Kunstmühle, Salzburg, Austria

2006        Artists in Residence, Neuhauser Kunstmühle, Salzburg, Austria

2003        Artists in Residence, Galerie Schloss Neuhaus, Salzburg, Austria

2001        Artists in Residence, Galerie Schloss Neuhaus, Salzburg, Austria, in conjunction with a group exhibition, titled Salzburg in NeuenAnsichten

1991        Awarded the Overseas Study Travel Grant (Europe) by the Rotary Club of Camberwell, Victoria, Australia; Awarded the Mercedes Benz Youth Scholarship for the study of fine art in New York, by the RAS of New South Wales,Australia

Solo Exhibitions

2019         Dramatized Propositions, The Butler Institute ofAmericanArt, Youngstown, Ohio

2016         DRENCHED Monumental Watercolors By Paul Ching-Bor, Harold B.Lemmerman Gallery, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, New Jersey

2015        Paul Ching-Bor IMBUED, Stadtische Galerieim Schloss, Isny, Germany; SUR Paintings By Paul Ching-Bor, Richard M.RossArt Museum, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio

2013        KünstlerhausMarktoberdorf- Paul Ching-Bor | Dynamik der Stille, Marktoberdorf, Germany

2011        Schultz Contemporary- Berlin, Paul Ching- Bor Parallel Passage, Berlin, Germany; NEUHAUSER KUNSTMüHLE- SOMMERAUSSTELLUNG PAUL CHING- BOR, Salzburg,Austria

2010 ART KARLSRUHE 2011/ONE ARTIST/PAUL CHING-BOR Werke 1992 – 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany

2006        Reeves Contemporary, New York, Chelsea, New York City; NeuhauserKunstmühle, Sommerausstellung der Neuhauser Kunstmühle: Paul Ching-Bor, Salzburg,Austria

2005        Spanierman Gallery, LLC, High Anxiety- New York City, New York City

2004        Graydon Gallery, In Transit, Brisbane,Australia

2002        Spanierman Gallery, LLC, Echo in Steel, New York City; Glen Eira City Gallery, The Pilgrimage, Traveling exhibition, Melbourne,Australia; Vista Blue ContemporaryArt Gallery, The Pilgrimage, Traveling exhibition, Sydney, Australia; SchlossNeuhaus, Der NeuhauserHerbst, Salzburg,Austria

2000       Mary Place Gallery, Oppressive Glory, Traveling exhibition, Sydney, Australia; Butler Institute of AmericanArt, Oppressive Glory, Traveling exhibition, Youngstown, Ohio, USA

1998        Brighton HorizonsArt Gallery, Melbourne,Australia

1997        Brighton HorizonsArt Gallery, Melbourne,Australia

1996        Brighton HorizonsArt Gallery, Melbourne,Australia

1994        Brighton HorizonsArt Gallery, Melbourne,Australia

1993        Melalecua Gallery,Anglesea,Australia; Mary Place Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1992        Brighton HorizonArt Gallery, Melbourne,Australia

1991        Melaleuca Gallery,Anglesea,Australia

1990        Hilton International, Sydney, Australia

Juried Exhibitions

2016        The 2016 New Jersey Arts Annual: Fine Arts, The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University, Atlantic City, New Jersey

2015        Personal Structures: Crossing Borders, Palazzo Mora/Palazzo Bembo, The 56th Biennale di Venezia 2015, Venice, Italy

2008        Art On Paper 2008, The WeatherspoonArt Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina

2005        Allentown Art Museum 29th Juried Show, Myth, Magic, and Meaning,Allentown, Pennsylvania

2003        67th National Annual midyear Exhibition, Butler Institute ofAmericanArt, Youngstown, Ohio

2002        Allentown Art Museum 28th Juried Show,Allentown, Pennsylvania

2000        Allentown Art Museum 27th Juried Show,Allentown, Pennsylvania

1999        Watercolor West 31st Annual Juried Exhibition, RiversideArt Museum, Riverside California; 36th Annual Juried Exhibition, Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, New York

Group Exhibitions – selected

2018         Open Space, The Finite Frontier, Curtis Center for theArt, Greenwood Village, Denver, Colorado; Chinese Abstraction, Cynthia-Reeves, NorthAdams, Massachusetts; SeattleArt Fair, Seattle

2017        PHASES,Art 345, New York City

2016        States of Water, States of Mind,Art 345, New York City, SPECTRUM,Art 345, New York City

2015        ON + OF PAPER,Art 345, New York City; The Real World, Eckert FineArt, Pine Plains, New York

2014        MUSE, Works On Paper,Anderson Contemporary, New York City

2013        New Jersey State Council on the Arts:Visual Arts Fellowship Showcase Exhibition, Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, Long Beach Island, New Jersey; FÜNF FÜR BERLIN UFERHALLEN, Berlin, Germany; URBANISM PAUL CHING- BOR+ SHARON FEDER, Goodwin FineArt, Denver, Colorado

2012        “KUNSTRÄUME”/”ART SPACES” Einladung in die temporärenkulturellenZonen, Frankfurt, Germany

2011        Stefan Beltzig / Paul Ching –Bor Expatriots From New York, Kunstpavillon, Munich, Germany; BABYLONS SCHATTEN III, KunsthalleWhiteBox, Munich, Germany; MUNICH CONTEMPO – International ContemporaryArt Fair, Munich, Germany

2010        MULTIPOINT INTERNATIONAL ART SYMPOSIUM 2010 — PROXIMITY, Gallery UNIVERZUM, University of Constantine the Philosopher, Nitra, Slovakia; GE 4th Annual Asian Pacific Heritage Month Art Exhibition, General Electric Company, Fairfield, Connecticut

2009        “Metropolitan Memories” Hudson County Arts Annual 2009, The Brennan Gallery at Justice William Brennan Court House, Jersey City, New Jersey; State Of The Art 2009: National Biennial Watercolor Invitational, ParklandArt Gallery, Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois

2008        Sprawl, Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, New Jersey

2004        New York City in Art, Spanierman Gallery, New York

2003        Steindruck 03, GalerieSchlossNeuhaus, Salzburg,Austria;Ching – Bor / LehmpfuhlLithographienAus Der Werkstatt, GalerieSchlossNeuhaus, Salzburg,Austria

2002        Steel City, Sangre De CristoArts & Conference Center, Pueblo, Colorado; Allied Artists of America 2002 Annual Exhibition, NationalArts Club, New York City

2001        Salzburg in NeuenAnsichten, GalerieSchlossNeuhaus, Salzburg,Austria

2000        64th Annual Midyear Exhibition, Butler Institute ofAmericanArt, Youngstown, Ohio; Watercolor USA 2000, SpringfieldArt Museum, Springfield, Missouri

1999        Paper Works 99, Ridgefield Guild ofArtists, Connecticut; 63rd Annual Midyear Exhibition, Butler Institute ofAmericanArt, Youngstown, Ohio; Watercolor USA 1999 Exhibition, SpringfieldArt Museum, Springfield, Missouri; Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors 18th Annual Exhibition,Arts Guild of Old Forge, New York;Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition 1999, FoothillsArt Center, Golden, Colorado; Allied Artists of America 1999 Annual Exhibition, NationalArts Club, New York City

1998        Allied Artists of America 1998 Annual Exhibition, NationalArts Club, New York City

1997        Allied Artists of America 1997 Annual Exhibition, NationalArts Club, New York City; American Artists Professional League Annual Exhibition, New York City

1996        The Contemporary Realism Exhibition, Philadelphia; Wynne Prize Exhibitions 1996;Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

1995        Wynne Prize Exhibition,Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prize Touring Exhibition, regional galleries in N.S.W. and Canberra,Australian Capital Territory, Australia

1994        Wynne Prize Exhibition,Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

1989        Sydney Morning Herald Art Prize Exhibition, associated with the City of Sydney Cultural Council, Australia


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